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Dialogue on the programs of “scenarized reality” (“scripted reality”)

Official statement of the Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Since more than one year, certain programs indicated under the terms of “scenarized reality” (of English “ scripted reality ”) or of “fiction of reality” developed on television, in much country.

To come to a conclusion about the nature of these programs, the Superior council of audio-visual carried out a cycle of hearings with the whole of the professionals concerned (1).

At the conclusion of this dialogue, the Council points out that he will come to a conclusion individually about the qualification of these programs each time they are declared by the chains with the title as of obligations of production and possibly of diffusion. There is no automatic bond between its appreciations and those which makes the National centre of cinematography and the image animated for an eligibility with the account of support for programmes industry (Cosip). But the Council stresses that the development of fictions of day to low costs of production cannot prevent the investment of the French audio-visual groups in a federator ambitious fiction of audience in first part of evening. The public and private editors “historical” ensured to continue this investment.

The emissions diffused in 2012 borrow certain methods for realization characteristic of programs not recognized like “patrimonial”. Nevertheless, they generally appear to resort to the scenarisation, the realization and interpretation and are likely, for this reason, to be connected with works of fiction.

The Council will make sure of the nature and the reality of these services with the elements which he will consider useful, such as the progress report of the scenario, the content of the contracts of the screenwriters, directors and artist-interpreters, their mention with the credits and their mode of remuneration.
Three other important aspects will hold the attention of the Council:

  • the respect by the chains of their obligations of investment in patrimonial audio-visual works (2);
  • the respect by the editors of the requirements of protection of the young public and deontology of the programs;
  • the respect of the social legislation. The Council insists on the importance of the respect of the collective agreements and social legislation applicable to the sector of creation, in particular the scales of remuneration applicable to the authors, the collective agreements of the artist-interpreters and the technicians and the existing draft-agreements between producers and screenwriters.

The Council, privileging the dialogue, wishes the signature of an agreement between producers, authors and editors to agree on a guaranteeing framework of the practices in conformity for the use of the profession. He is pleased thus with the signature of charters between professionals who contribute to guarantee the improvement of the quality of the programs, in particular the charter relating to the development of the fiction concluded between France Televisions, the Group 25 images, the SACD, SPI and the USPA, as well as the agreement on the contractual practices between authors screenwriters and producers of fiction.

(1) The editors who, to date, propose these emissions: TF1, M6, NRJ 12 and France Televisions; professional organizations representative of the audio-visual producers: USPA, SPI, SPECT; professional organizations representative of the authors: SACD, Guild of the screenwriters, Groups 25 images; representatives of companies or groups of production; organizers of the meetings “Series Series”; representatives of the FICAM; the CNC.

(2) The hertzian chains concerned must invest at least 12,5% of their turnover of the previous year in favour of patrimonial works when their contribution is entirely devoted to them, and 10,5% when their total contribution reaches 15% of the turnover. For France Televisions, the specifications fix at 20% of CA the contribution to patrimonial works.

Consult the assessment of the dialogue carried out by the Council.

Contacts presses: Frédérique Bayre/Stéphanie Brun: 01 40 58 36 29.

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