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The officially agreed CSA chains of Orange Cinema Series

Official statement of the Friday, November 7, 2008

The Superior council of audio-visual concluded on Friday, November 7, 2008 from conventions with the Orange company Cinema Series for the diffusion of five services of cinema and fiction. These new chains will widen the offer of cinema on television and, by their investments, will reinforce French and European creation cinematographic and audio-visual.

In the absence of agreement between Orange and the professional organizations of the cinema, the CSA decided to use the powers that it holds of article 20 of the decree of December 28th, 2001 relating to the development of the production of cinematographic works.

The Council was very attentive with the requests formulated by the professional organizations of the cinema. While taking account of the economic constraints which weigh on the launching of a new service whose development can be only progressive, it decided to fix from the start of the minima guaranteed for the acquisition of rights of diffusion of cinematographic works of original expression French and European, whereas, in the previous cases, they had been fixed only several years after the creation of the chain.

These minima will increase gradually to reach 3.12 € per month and by subscriber for European works and 2.64 € per month and subscriber for works of French original expression as soon as the number of bonnés will raise to 3 million. They will be then identical to those which were negotiated between Canal+ and the professional organizations.

As of the first year, Orange will contribute to the diversity of the French cinema while devoting to films of an estimate equal or lower than 5.35 M € at least 20% of its obligation of acquisition of rights of films of French original expression.

Lastly, for the first time, the Council registered O bligation of a dialogue between the chains and the professional organizations of the cinema. Thus, Orange will have, before November 30th, 2009, to enter under discussion with them to learn the lessons from the first working year as regards its investments in the cinema. So agreements were reached before this date, the Council would draw the conclusions from them by examining the modifications being able to be brought to conventions.

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