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Diffusion of works

The follow-up of the Council

The Council takes care of the respect by the whole of the editors of their must carries of audio-visual and cinematographic works. For this purpose, it allots, for each cinematographic work or audio-visual diffused, the adequate qualification. It publishes for each hertzian TV channel in light an assessment which establishes the respect of their obligations.

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When the Council notes a failure, he takes measures which are essential, according to the gravity of the noted failure: simple reminder, warning statement, formal notice, procedure of sanction (being able to intervene only after formal notice).

The charter relating to the announcement of the programs

On October 4th, 2012, Michel Boyon, president of the Council, Francine Mariani-Ducray, president of the working group “Audiovisual production”, Pascal Rogard, chief executive officer of the Company of the authors and dramatic composers, Hervé Rony, chief executive officer of the Civil society of the multimedia authors and the leaders of the TV channels signed a charter relating to the technical methods of announcement of following programs, at the end of the diffusion of an emission. This charter aims to protect cinematographic works and audio-visual patrimonial and not to obstruct the televiewer, without to harm the efforts of the chains for fidéliser their public.

Consult the charter relating to the announcement of the programs

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