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Diffusion of works

Must carries of cinematographic works

Must carries of cinematographic works

Objectives of the quotas of diffusion of cinematographic works

The idea of a quota specific to cinematographic works EOF or European, intended to guarantee a majority place to them on the small screen, was essential as of the years 1970. In 1971, a convention signed by the Chief executive officer of the ORTF and the Minister for the cultural affairs fixed a quota of French film 50% in the cinematographic programming of the chains.

Thus, this quota intended to protect the share from French films proposed on the small screen ensured a majority presence on television to them whereas their market share in the cinemas remained minority.

The decree n°90-66 of January 17th, 1990 fixed the rules relating to the diffusion of cinematographic works on the whole of the linear services. The decree fixes 3 protective measurements in favour of cinematographic works:

  • a quota of diffusion which imposes a share of films of French original expression and/or Europeans in the full number of diffused cinematographic works;
  • a quantum which frames their presence on television by limiting the number of films (and the number of diffusion of each film) that the chains can diffuse;
  • the prohibition of diffusion of cinematographic works certain days on certain time slots, in order to protect with particularly carrying days, the exploitation in room;

Finally professional agreements organize the chronology of the media, i.e. the deadlines to be respected, once work exit into the room, for its exploitation on the various supports and media (DVD, chains of pay-per-view, chains paying, free channels, VàD…).

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