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Production of works

Production of works

Obligations relative to their investment in the production of audio-visual and cinematographic works European and French original expression are imposed on the chains.

Indeed, the French regulation pursues a general goal of support and development of French and European audio-visual creation and in particular:

  • production of audio-visual works, and more particularly since the reform of 2010, audio-visual works known as patrimonial;
  • the participation of the diffusers in the cinematographic industrial financing;
  • the development of an economic sector extremely and diversified independent producers.

With this intention, it is based on two great principles: quotas of diffusion and obligations of contribution to the production.

The directive “Services of audio-visual mediums” provides that the Member States take care, each time that is realizable, that the organizations of televisual broadcasting hold at least 10% of their time of antenna or their budget of programming, with European works emanating independent producers. However, considering it 78 of the directive admits that, in order to guarantee linguistic matter objectives, the States can take specific measures. It is what France with the installation did, beside quotas relating to European works, of particular quotas for works of French original expression.

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