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Production of works

The contribution to the film production

The contribution to the film production

Production of works

History of the regulation

In 1982, following the publication of a law on the audio-visual one of July 29th, the specifications of the diffusers comprise provisions aiming not compromising the exploitation of the films in room and at guaranteeing their financial contribution with the development of cinematographic creation.

On November 4th, 1984, the Canal+ company starts to emit. As a first service of cinema in France, it is subject to specific rules appearing in its specifications, which have for object the support and the development of the production of cinematographic works.

The law of September 30th, 1986 relating to the freedom of communication reaffirms the principles of the contribution to the diffusing development “of the national cinematographic activities” for the services of cinematographic works.

The decrees of January 17th, 1990, without modifying balance reaches over the years, bring precise details to certain definitions (decree n° 90-66) and unify the obligations of production (decree n° 90-67).

Over the years, the lawful device of the obligatory support for the development of the film production was specified and enriched, in particular by the decrees come into effect in 2001-2002 and abrogeant the decree n°90-67 (decrees n°2001-609, 2001-1332, 2001-1333 and 2002-140).

At the time of the reform of the contribution to the audiovisual production, these four decrees were repealed and replaced in 2010 by the decrees n° 2010-747 and 2010-416, which did not make notable modification as regards contribution to the film production.

The methods of the obligations of contribution vary according to the nature of the television services, such as they are defined by articles 6-2 to 6-7 of the decree n° 90-66.

Definition of the services (format pdf - 14.90 KB)

Lastly, the decree n° 2010-1379 of November 12th, 2010 relating to the services of audio-visual mediums to the request laid down the methods of their contribution.

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