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The representation of diversity

Diversity on television

Diversity on television

The representation of diversity

Initiatives of the Council since 1999

Before even as the law does not give competence to the Council to take care of social cohesion in the field of the audio-visual communication, it had already shown initiative going in this direction. Thus, by 1999, it made on television carry out a first quantitative study on the perception of the diversity of the French company. In 2001, the Council introduced into conventions of each private television the commitment to take into account with the antenna the diversity of the origins and the cultures of the national community.

In 2007, the Council installed a working group devoted to diversity, then created, on March 11th, 2008 the Observatory of diversity in the audio-visual mediums. The purpose of this Observatory is to follow the actions put in work by the TV channels in favour of diversity heard in the broad sense (origin, social and economic category, sex, handicap…) and to assist in its work of the Council. The same year 2008, the Council made carry out a study on the free channels of the DVB and Channel +.

The year 2009 sees the creation of the barometer of diversity and the adoption of a deliberation on November 10th aiming at founding the catch of annual commitments by the chains. The Council on television returns each year since 2010 a report to the Parliament on the representation of the diversity in which it makes some recommendations in order to improve the situation.

To consult the representation of diversity to the radio

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Key dates

  • 2006 - Law of March 31st, 2006 known as “law for the equal opportunity”

  • 2007 - Creation by the Council of a working group on diversity and an Observatory of diversity

  • 2009 - Law of March 5th, 2009 relating to the audio-visual communication and the new public service of television

  • March 11th, 2008 - Creation of the Observatory of diversity in the audio-visual mediums

  • November 10th, 2009 - Deliberation of the Council fixing the framework of annual commitments of the diffusers