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Announcement of the programs retained within the framework of the call for projects “food Charter”

Official statement of the Monday, April 14, 2014

Within the framework of the helping call for projects of emissions to the promotion of a good hygiene of life, Christine Kellthere, member of the Superior council of audio-visual and president of the Working group “Health and sustainable development”, presented at the time of the MIPTV to Cannes the programs which were retained. 

These projects are intended to renew the emissions diffused with the title of the Charter aiming at promoting a food and a physical-activity favorable to health in the programs and the advertisements diffused on television, signed on November 21st, 2013 by six ministries, thirty-six TV channels, of and the association producers' associations of the audio-visual sector as well as an association of assistance to the people reached of overweight. 

The 9 programs selected, eligible with the charter, are:

  • The 10 Councils, a short program in which a fruit producer or vegetables sdonne ten advices useful for the spectators to make their purchases, to work and cook their product; 
  • Would be necessary to know, a ludic program whose objective is to broach the subject of health while remaining with nearest as of concerns of the daily newspaper; 
  • Small cooks, a cartoon in which children carry out nutritional receipts under the advices of a chef; 
  • Sansoucis in form, a cartoon which sensitizes the young children with the food hygiene; 
  • Mom Chief, an educational emission bound for the parents in whom a nutritionist intervenes in a family and exempts advices to switch and guide the parents in the realization of a receipt balanced for their child; 
  • Perfect chief, a culinary competition between the kitchens of several hospitals which carry out dietetic receipts; 
  • Playtime Rebukes, an emission of kitchen which transmits to children of 9-10 years, pupils of a class of CM2, the bases of a healthy food; 
  • To look after its hygiene of life is to say yes to the life, a musical clip putting in scene a personality of the song which will make it possible to sensitize the teenagers with the problems of the food charter; 
  • Vitafoot, a cartoon which takes as tallies the adventures of a football team amateur to tackle the question of the links between food and health and to exempt dietetic advices easy to follow.

The jury of selection will receive the producers of the projects adopted in order to give them advices on the respect of the reference marks of the National plan nutrition health (PNS).  

The programs will be then presented to the TV channels before the summer.


Contacts presses : Laëtitia Bréchemier/Lucile Mahé of the Doors
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