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The fight against the tobacco addiction

The fight against the tobacco addiction

In France, 13 million adults and teenagers smoked daily in 2014. They represented a third (34.1%) individuals between 15 and 75 years. The tobacco remains the first avoidable cause of mortality in France and the first cause of mortality per cancer. In the name of this challenge of public health major, the audio-visual CSA and media join the ministry for Health to reduce the nicotinism at the national level.

To enforce the prohibition of exposure of the tobacco

The CSA contributes by various actions to the fight against the nicotinism.  It intervenes first of all by enforcing the prohibition of “ propaganda or publicity, direct or indirect, in favour of the tobacco and the products of the tobacco ” on television and with the radio, under the terms of the article L. 3511-3 of the public health code.

The CSA specified and reinforced this device of regulation and protection of the public by adopting a specific deliberation on June 17th, 2008. This one states in particular the following principles: 

  • The editors of television services and broadcasting cannot promote any produced of the tobacco in the advertising screens. The CSA tolerates no reference there. That implies in particular for the television services that no person consuming a product of the tobacco must appear in an advertisement, except for the fight campaigns against the tobacco addiction. 
  • Any operation of sponsorship is prohibited when it causes for object or propaganda or direct or indirect publicity in favour of the tobacco, the products of the tobacco or the ingredients used in the manufacturing or the preparation of a product of the tobacco.
  • It is interdict to smoke within the emissions of plate or the studios.
  • The tv news, the data transmission or the documentaries have the right to reveal products of the tobacco or people while consuming, provided these images are not promotional and that they cannot be comparable with propaganda
  • As regards emissions of telereality, taking into account their important impact on the young public, and the base from the articles 1st and 15 of the law of September 30th, 1986, the CSA asks to avoid the diffusion of images of the candidates smoking in open places.  

The CSA and the national Programme of reduction of the nicotinism

tobacco information service

The CSA ensures the relay of information between the ministry for Health and televisions and the radios on the national Programme of reduction of nicotinism (PNRT) 2014-2019. He ensures dissemination of information and mobilizes the media in favour of the public campaigns against the tobacco addiction.

The ministry for Health underlines the role and the determining implication of the audio-visual mediums in information on several great subjects of public health. Each one of them constitutes as much spokesperson of the actions conducted on these topics. The chains and local radios, by the echo whom they give to the events of public health on the national territory, also contribute to their successes.

Within the framework of the fight against the tobacco addiction, two large appointments nationals are organized in which the audio-visual mediums are invited to take part:

Objectives of the PNRT

The national plan of reduction of the tobacco addiction 2014-2019 corresponds to objective 10 of plane cancer 2014-2019. It rests on three main roads:

  • to protect the young people,
  • to help the smokers to stop
  • to act on the economy of the tobacco.

In terms of reduction of cigarette smoking, the PNRT set ambitious objectives:

  • to decrease by 10% the number of daily smokers by 2019
  • to pass below 20% daily smokers by 2024
  • to make generation of children which is born the first generation today from nonsmokers.

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