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Food label Charter: the CSA launches an appeal for projects

Official statement of the Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christine Kelly, member of the Superior council of audio-visual, president of the Working group “Health and sustainable development”, a call for projects with the producers and creators launches so that they mobilize their talent on the subject of the fight against the obesity and the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases.

This call for projects consists in encouraging the design of programs helping with the promotion of a good hygiene of life through a healthy food, practice of a physical-activity.

This one relates to all the kinds: fictions, cartoons, short programs, emissions informative or documentary, magazines, etc

All the public ones are concerned: children, teenagers and adults.

The projects must be sent in the form of scénarimage to the CSA before March 9th, 2014.

(cf downloadable selection criteria below)

The candidatures will be examined by a jury made up of experts in nutrition, personalities recognized for their culinary matter competences, of professionals of audio-visual as well as representative of associations of support for the people suffering from obesity.

The selected projects will be seen allotting a label “Charter food”.


Composition of the jury :

  • Pr Daniel Nizri, general inspector of the social affairs
  • Pr Patrick Tounian, person in charge of the service paediatric Nutrition and gastroenterology at the hospital Armand-Trousseau of Paris, member of the committee of experts health of the CSA
  • Mme Marie Citrini, general secretary of the National collective of associations the obese ones (CNAO)
  • Mme Anne-Juliette Serry, in charge of communication on the questions of nutrition at the National institute of prevention and education for health (INPES), responsible leading article of the site
  • Mr. Stéphane Le Bars, acting general of the Trade union of the film producers of animation (SPFA) and of the European Public Service Union of audiovisual production (USPA)
  • Mr. Laurent Mariotte, journalist and culinary presenter, author of several works of kitchen, which presents the emissions Small dishes balances some on TF1 since November 2008, a restaurant in my living room on TMC since May 2011, With all flavours on France Info since September 2007
  • Mme Babette de Rozière, chef, author of many culinary works, which animates the Small Dishes of Babette on France Ô since September 2010 and presents its receipts in C to you on France 5 since September 2009
  • Mr. Jean Imbert, chef, victorious of the edition 2012 of the emission Top chief, which animates the culinary emission Norbert and Jean on M6 and 6ter since December 2012
  • Christine Kelly
  • Emmanuel Gabla, member of the Council, vice-president of the working group “Health and sustainable development”.


Contacts presses : Frédérique Bayre/Laëtitia Bréchemier
01 40 58 36 29 -

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