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Legislative 2017: new durations of the emissions of the official countryside

Official statement of the Thursday, June 1, 2017

Following the decision of the Constitutional council of May 31st, 2017, the Superior council of audio-visual fixed new durations of emissions for the official countryside. 

The constitutional Council considered that one duration limited to 7 minutes for the first turn and 5 minutes for the second turn was obviously disproportionate for certain parties and authorized the CSA to proceed to revisions with the rise.

Within the limit of the 42 minute old ceiling fixed by the Constitutional council, it granted from one to five slices of additional times to certain political trainings.

Two criteria were applied:

  • 1. The number of candidates to the legislative ones. It was decided to allot a slice since political training introduced candidates in at least two thirds of the districts.
  • 2. The representativeness of the parties. For this second criterion, the results of the previous elections were taken into account and especially those of the presidential election, because of its importance and of its recent unfolding. Into account to supplement this criterion the characteristics of the countryside in its animation and the surveys are also taken afférant there.

Consequently, if all the political trainings not represented at the National Assembly at least preserve 7 minutes (1st turn) and 5 minutes (2Nd turn) for the duration of the official emissions, one additional duration was added. 


First turn
  Slice of 7 mn Additional time (out of mn) Total time (out of mn)
LREM 5 35:00 42:00
FN 4,5 31:30 38:30
FI 3,5 24:30 31:30
UPR 1 7:00 14:00
LO 1 7:00 14:00
EELV 1 7:00 14:00
DLF 1 7:00 14:00
Second turn
  Slice of 5 mn Additional time (out of mn) Total time (out of mn)
LREM 5 25:00 30:00
FN 4,5 22:30 27:30
FI 3,5 17:30 22:30
UPR 1 5:00 10:00
LO 1 5:00 10:00
EELV 1 5:00 10:00
DLF 1 5:00 10:00


To consult the decision n° 2017-277 of June 1st, 2017 fixing the duration of the emissions available to the parties or political groupings for the legislative elections of June 2017


Contact presses : 01 40 58 36 29

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Key dates

  • 1955 - First broadcast simultaneously on radio and TV official countryside at the time of the legislative elections

  • 1965 - First broadcast simultaneously on radio and TV official countryside for the presidential election

  • November 12th, 1969 - Adoption by the Board of directors of the ORTF of a directive which poses the principle of a pluralist access to the antenna

  • 1982 - Creation of the High ranking authority of the audio-visual communication (HACA)

  • 2000 - Definition by the Superior council of audio-visual of the “principle of reference as regards pluralism”