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The respect of the French language

The respect of the French language

It falls on the Council, pursuant to article 3-1 of the law of September 30th, 1986, to take care “of the defense and the illustration of the French language” in the audio-visual communication like with the respect of the provisions of the law of August 4th, 1994 relating to the use of the French language, in what it relates to the audio-visual mediums.

The mission of the Council

The Council endeavours to fulfill its mission of defense of the French language while taking care of the respect of the obligations towards the French language registered to the books of the missions and the loads of the national companies of program and in conventions annexed of the decisions of authorization of the private diffusers.

It is attentive with the quality of the language employed in the programs of the various TV channels and radio, while being conscious that the nature even of the radiophonic and televisual communication imposes an oral style and justifies facilities which would banish the written language.

In order to promote the diffusion of a French terminology, the general Commission of terminology and neology recommends a certain number of terms, to use in particular instead of phrases borrowed from other languages. These terms can be consulted on the site

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