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The respect of the French language

Anglicisms: recommended French equivalents

In the actual position of our right, an official legal terminology cannot be imposed on the television services which they public or are deprived and nothing prohibits the recourse in the audiovisual programmes, as within the advertising screens, in the foreign terms or expressions entered the language running (airbag, live…), when well even those would have a French equivalent.

As regards the frequent use of Anglicisms, the Constitutional council authorizes the free use of foreign words. He declared in a decision of July 29th, 1994 that “ [the freedom of communication and expression] the right for each one implies to choose the terms considered by him best appropriate to the expression of its thought; […] the French language evolves, like any living language, while integrating in the usual vocabulary of the terms of various sources, which they are expressions resulting from regional languages, terms known as popular or foreign words “.


Some examples of French equivalents

The words followed by an asterisk * are equivalents suggested by the CSA.
The other words are the French equivalents suggested by the Commissions of neology and terminology of the General delegation to the French language and the languages of France and published with the Official journal at the dates indicated.


English word French equivalent Publication date
with the Official journal
Bashing Panning 15/9/2013
Best of Anthology *  
Briefing Preparatory meeting 27/12/2006
Biopic Biographical film 27/11/2008
Blog or weblog Scratch pad 20/5/2005
Brainstorming Brain-storming 22/9/2000
Brief Instructions 27/12/2006
Broadcast Diffusion *  
Buzz (buzz marketing) Buzz marketing 12/6/2007
Casting Hearing (for an actor) 18/1/2005
Wrestling-up Television of correction 22/7/2010
Challenge Challenge, challenge 22/9/2000

Mentor, repeater


Crash landing Crushing 22/9/2000
Crossmedia Multimedia 22/7/2010
Crossover Incursion 9/9/2006
Deadline Deadline *  
Debriefing Réunion-assessment 27/12/2006
Design Stylism 22/09/2000
Designer Designer 22/09/2000
E-book E-book 18/01/2005
Guest star Guest star 23/12/2007
Hit parades Prize list 22/9/2000
Kit  Loan-with-to assemble 22/9/2000
Live  Live /en public in public and live 5/3/2009
E-mail or e-mail Email 20/6/2003
Morning Morning *  
Newsletter Newsletter 18/1/2005
One man show One-man show 22/9/2000
Peer-to-peer    Station at station 13/5/2006
Pitch Summary (condensed, argument, summary) 16/11/2005
Planning Planning, calendar *, diary * 22/9/2000
Plug-and-play Loan with employment 2/5/2007
Podcasting Podcasting
Baladodiffusion *
Bonus time

Prime time, before - evening

First part of soirée*

Scoop Exclusiveness 22/9/2000
Scripted reality Scenarized reality 11/2/2014
Shorts list Short list *  
Sitcom Sitcom 18/1/2005
Spin-off Spin-off 18/1/2005
Sponsor  Sponsor, patron  22/9/2000 
Sponsoring  Sponsorship, patronage, patronage  22/9/2000 
Streaming  Streaming  18/1/2005 
Talk  Spoken program *   
Talk show  Debate-show, emission-debate 18/1/2005
Teleshopping  Armchair shopping 22/9/2000 
Think tank  Think tank  14/8/1998 
Timing  Schedule 22/9/2000
Vintage Retro, of time  7/6/2007 

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