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Report of programming 2012 of the paying chains

Publication date: Thursday, October 3, 2013
Plenary assembly of July 17th, 2013

The Council carried out the examination of the respect of the must carries and production, with the title of 2012, imposed on the paying chains.

At the conclusion of this examination, it intervened:

  • near Beblack and O Five, which did not communicate their report on their must carries and of production;
  • at Al Qarra, Best of shopping, M6 Boutique and Co, which did not provide their report relative to their must carries;
  • at ACI, Africabox and Men' S up, which did not provide their report relative to their obligations of production;
  • near 3A Télésud, which did not respect its must carries of European cinematographic works at prime times.

He also sent a warning statement to Trace Urban, who did not respect his must carries of European audio-visual works for the second consecutive year.

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