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TV commercial: the use of French is obligatory, the promotion of the films is prohibited

Official statement of the Monday, September 25, 1989

At his full session of September 22nd, 1989, the Superior council of audio-visual in particular deliberated on two relative questions with control on the advertisements.

a) Defense of the French language
The Council observed the increasingly frequent use of the English language in the televised advertisements. It was thus brought to refuse the diffusion of several messages going against the legislation and to the regulations in force in virtue of which the advertisements are diffused in French language.
This regulation, which has the aim of ensuring the information of the consumers and the defense of our language must be scrupulously observed.

b) Illicit publicity for films of cinema
Following the diffusion by company TF1 of trailers referring to a cinematographic work coproduced by his subsidiary TF1 films production, at the time of his exit into the room, the Superior council of audio-visual invited the company to cease this practice immediately.
The Council reminds the whole of the TV channels that the cinema being struck of a lawful prohibition of publicity on television, it is essential that the trailers of promotion of films refer to the whole of the film production and not to the only works coproduced by the subsidiaries of the TV channels. Moreover, these trailers must be obligatorily inserted in specific emissions devoted to the information of the televiewers on the cinema news.

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