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The CSA adopts a deliberation on the loudness with television

Official statement of the Monday, October 10, 2011

The Superior council of audio-visual adopted a deliberation relating to the sound intensity of the programs and advertisements on television.
The objective of the Council is to make sure that the possible sound embarrassment caused by an advertisement cannot be higher than that noted during a change of chain. The device will be implemented gradually, in order to leave the actors time to conform to it.

Initially, the difference in sound intensity perceived between the chains has to be reduced as of the end of the year. Two other phases of improvement follow in January 2012 and 2013, aiming at the programs and the advertisements.
By adopting this deliberation, the Council wanted to supplement work in which it took an active part since 2008, and which was the object of many standards and recommendations (1). Indeed, if the exchange of the contents between the producers and the editors can from now on be controlled by applying these texts, it was advisable to continue the effort until the stage of diffusion towards the televiewers, through digital terrestrial television (DVB) but also the other modes of diffusion which are the cable, the optical fiber, the satellite or ADSL.

Sources of recurring complaints transmitted to the Council, for more than ten years, the advertisements of certain chains have often obliged the televiewers to lower “volume”.
The Government worried some, by 1992, and the legislator pointed out it, in 2009 and 2010, by a decree and two articles of law which entrusted to the Council the responsibility to treat this practice.
To control this sound increase, become current on the whole of the chains, but largely dependent in the way in which the contents are produced, required a deepened technical reflection, in dialogue with the editors, the producers, the advertisers and the experts of the sound. This reflection made it possible to establish a method of measurement of the sound intensity compatible with industrial equipment of measurement. It was an essential precondition to the installation of quantitative obligations.
In complement of these measurements, the Council also urges the manufacturers to make sure that they implement the international recommendations well in order to avoid again introducing differences in sound intensity between the contents during their restitution on the domestic television sets and the other equipment.
 (1) A recommendation of the European Union of radiotelevision, a standard of the International union of telecommunications, and finally a French recommendation, established by the technical higher Commission of the image and the sound, the Federation of industries of the cinema, audio-visual and the multimedia and the HD Forum.

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