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Commercial communications


The object of sponsorship

Article 17 of the decree of March 27th, 1992 qualifies sponsorship “any contribution of a company or a public or deprived legal person or a natural person, not carrying on activities of edition of television services or audio-visual mediums with the request or of production of audio-visual works, with the financing of television services or programs with an aim of promoting its name, its brand, its image or its activities”.

The political tv news and data transmission cannot be sponsored.

It rises from the regulations that only an emission can be sponsored. Thus, the topics of an emission cannot be sponsored, just like part of the grid of the programs. However, the Council admits the sponsorship of the bulletins weather within emissions, other than the tv news and of the political data transmission.

The television programs cannot be sponsored by companies having for principal activity the manufacturing or the sale of alcoholic beverages or products of the tobacco.

Conditions of sponsorship

Identification of the godfather

The Council intervenes regularly with the editors because of the absence of a clear identification of the godfather. This identification must take place at the beginning or at the end of the emission and can be done only by the means envisaged by the article 18-III of the decree of the modified March 27th, 1992. Thus, the products of the godfather cannot be presented during a sponsorship.

Apart from its presence in the credits of beginning or end of emission, the mention of the godfather during the sponsored emission and in the trailers in the form of a recall of sponsorship, is not possible that insofar as it is specific and discrete, and is done by the means of identification enumerated by the decree.

At the time as of sporting retransmissions, the Council regards as specific an appearance of which the duration does not exceed five seconds and separate of another appearance of the godfather by an interval of at least ten minutes. To fulfill the requirement of discretion, the CSA accepts the incrustation, in a corner or in edge of screen, name of the godfather or his other means of identification such as his logo or his brands.

Nonadvertising character of sponsorship

The object of sponsorship being to promote the name and the image of the company, it must be free from any advertising argument.

Thus, the Council intervenes when sponsorship comprises advertising slogans or encourages with the purchase of the products or the services of the godfather.

Sponsorship of the emissions of games and competition

The sponsorship of the emissions of games and competition can be accompanied by the handing-over as batches of the products or services of the godfather to the participants, subject to being the object of no advertising sales leaflet.

The CSA specified that in these emissions, the products and given services as batches were to emanate only from companies sponsoring the emissions. Products and services not coming from the godfather can however be offered, in the condition which no brand is quoted nor visualized. No advertising sales leaflet nor incentive with the purchase must accompany the handing-over of batches.

In addition, emissions of games and competition, or the modules of competition joined with an emission must be identifiable like such, and in particular comprise credits of beginning and end.

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