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Commercial communications

Armchair shopping

Commercial communications

The diffusion of the emissions of armchair shopping is framed by the decree n° 92-280 of March 27th, 1992.

Article 21 of this decree defines armchair shopping as “the diffusion of directly quoted in the public for the supply, realising payment, of movable or real property, services, or rights and obligations referring itself to it”.

The decree envisages three categories of services likely to diffuse emissions of armchair shopping:

  • services incidentally devoted to armchair shopping
  • the services which are mainly devoted there (service books at least 50% of its time to the diffusion of these emissions)
  • the services which are exclusively devoted there

However, article 34 of the specifications of France Televisions lays out that France Televisions does not diffuse emissions of armchair shopping.

The chains diffusing armchair shopping incidentally must observe conditions exposed in the decree:

  • In order to prevent excessive programming, of number and in duration, emissions of armchair shopping, the duration of each emission cannot be lower than fifteen minutes, their duration total cannot exceed three hours per day. Moreover, the television services cannot program more than eight daily programs of armchair shopping.
  • As regards services diffused by terrestrial hertzian way, the emissions can be diffused only between midnight and 11 hours, and enters 14 and 16 hours.
  • No diffusion can take place every Wednesday afternoon, which is one period of great audience of the children and teenagers.
  • The emissions of armchair shopping must be clearly announced like such.
  • The emissions of armchair shopping cannot be stopped by advertising screens.

These conditions are more flexible on the services diffusing exclusively or mainly armchair shopping:

  • It is possible for them to diffuse daily more than three hours of emissions.
  • There does not exist limitation amongst windows nor of the duration of those.
  • The emissions can be stopped by advertising screens.

Whatever the category of chain, the origin of the products can freely be quoted during emissions of armchair shopping (brand, manufacturer, distributor…).

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