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Women's rights

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The women's rights get along of the whole of the legal rules into force in the world and inherent in the person of the woman. The rights acknowledged to the women are of various nature (civil laws, civic rights and political, sociocultural economic rights, rights).

The principle of equality is the basic element on which the women's rights are based: the man and the woman are equal in rights and duties.

The concept of parity constitutes the base of the policies to fight against the inequalities between the men and the women. In the name of this principle several laws were enacted aiming at reducing the disparities in the fields of the wages, of employment, education, the representation of the women in the authorities of political power and economic.

The progression of the women's rights calls a mobilization of the whole of the actors of the company. The audio-visual mediums, which play a crucial role of sensitizing of the public ones, must make a contribution particular to the progression of these rights. The problems of the women's rights applied to the audio-visual mediums must at the same time take into account their representation with the antenna but also their place in this sector of economic activity.

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