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24 hours of female sport: the Council mobilizes media and actors of the sport

Official statement of the Thursday, December 12, 2013

The meeting of launching of the organization of the event-driven day “24 hours of female sport” was held, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, in the buildings of the Superior council of audio-visual with in the chair Christine Kelly, president of the mission “Sport” of the Council.

The day “24 hours of female sport” will be held on February 1st, 2014 , under the aegis of Superior council of audio-visual and of the ministry for Youth, the Sports, Popular education and Community life, in collaboration with the Olympic and sporting National committee French (CNOSF) and association Femix Sports.

This day federates the whole of the editors of services of radios and television diffusing of the programs of sport, of the representatives of the ministries and the institutions concerned, of federations, leagues and clubs professional, of the associative sector, companies implied in the sport and the high level athletes, in favour of a better representation of the female sport in the audio-visual mediums.

At the time of this day, actions and demonstrations will be staged, in particular by the sporting movement, in order to better make known the universe of the female sport, its practising, its high level athletes, but also to present the opportunities given to the women to practise or be registered with a sporting club, through the range of the disciplines and the existing sports facilities.

A particular exposure of the female sport will be proposed on the antennas of the TV channels and the radios, through reports, magazines of plate, retransmissions of competitions, like by the cover of the manifestations of the day.

The RTBF and TV5 World joined this event, which will make it possible to give a European dimension to this day.

Contacts presses : Frédérique Bayre/Laëtitia Bréchemier: 01 40 58 36 29

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