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The CSA, the DGMIC, the CNC, A.C.C.e.S. and the SNPTV publish the 10th edition of the Guide of the digital chains

Official statement of the Friday, March 23, 2012

The higher Council of audio-visual (CSA), the Directorate-General of the media and cultural industries (DGMIC) of the Ministry for the Culture and the Communication, the national Center of the cinema and the animated image (CNC), the Association of the Officially agreed Chains editors of Services (A.C.C.e.S.) and the national Trade union of televised publicity (SNPTV) publish concert, for the tenth year, a new edition of the Guide of the digital chains. Making of this guide was coordinated by the agency Clair de Lune.

This guide presents a complete description of the universe of the French digital chains which they are authorized for a free or paying hertzian diffusion on the DVB or which they are officially agreed by the CSA. It makes it possible to apprehend the great wealth of the offer of numeric channels in France as well as diversity of the distribution networks. Lastly, the guide gives a brought up to date vision of the performances of the chains (goes down for hearing, financial results…) as well as their programmings and their investments in the production of European works or French original expression.

This guide, work tools of the professionals of the media, comprises, in its second part, a presentation of each chain authorized and officially agreed and/or measured by Médiamétrie through its positioning, the networks on which it is diffused, the share of the various kinds of programs, its advertising agency, etc

In complement, to put in prospect the French audiovisual landscape, the guide presents a synthesis of the digital audiovisual landscape in four major European markets.

The drafting of this guide was very largely based on the statistics, reports and studies carried out by the CSA, the DGMIC and the CNC, like on those of Médiamétrie, of the SNPTV, Kantar Media and GfK, inter alia.

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