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TV channels diffused by other networks

Legal mode applicable to the distributors of television

The distributors of services are legal people who establish with editors of services of radio, television and services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD) of the contractual relations in order to constitute a service offering audio-visual.

The people having the quality of distributor can be:

  • companies, including mixed-ownership companies local;
  • organizations of dwelling with low rent;
  • territorial collectivities in the event of insufficiency of private initiative;
  • controls envisaged by the law of April 8th, 1946 on the nationalisation of electricity and gas.


The distributors whose offer borrows an electronic communication network not using the frequencies assigned by the CSA (cable, satellite, ADSL, mobile network of telephony, etc) must carry out a declaration near the authority of regulation, except for those which serve less than one hundred hearths. The methods of this declaration are described in the decree of October 31st, 2005.

The basic offers contain obligatorily the chains of the public sector: France 2, France 3, France 5, Arte, TV5, France Ô, the Parliamentary chain and, for the offers in digital mode, France 4. The free channels of the DVB must be taken again by the distributors using the digital mode of diffusion, if the editors of these chains make the request of it.

The law of September 30th, 1986 also imposes, with article 34-4, the respect of the order defined by the Council for the chains of the DVB in light or, failing this, the creation of a block including these chains in an identical order of classification.

Moreover, the Council adopted on July 24th, 2007 a deliberation which is intended to specify the obligations of the distributors relating to the organization of their plans of services.

Lastly, the cable television operators ensuring the “service antenna” of a collective dwelling must place at the disposal as of inhabitants of the building of which they ensure the service road the hertzian chains normally received in the zone. This commercial proposition can take into account only the expenses of installation, of maintenance or of replacement of the network and cannot be conditioned with the subscription of a subscription for a service.


In addition, the distributors of services of audio-visual media to request (SMAD) must also carry out a declaration at the CSA. For more information, consult this page.


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