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Terrestrial hertzian chains

Terrestrial hertzian chains

Six multiplexings in metropolis  

Since April 5th, 2016, the chains of the DVB adopted standard MPEG-4 and are gathered on 6 multiplexings (R1, R2, R3, R4, R6 and R7) to release part of the waveband in favour of mobile telephony. The multiplexings R5 and R8 ceased diffusing televisual services on this same date.

Following the call for candidate of July 29th, 2015 for the edition of television services with national vocation in high definition on the DVB, SCUMS ruled, at its full session of October 14th, 2015, on the new composition of the national multiplexings of the DVB:


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In metropolis, 31 national chains in HD

The number of chains of the DVB diffused in high definition than doubled thus more and understands the whole of the free national chains, except for LCI and of Paris Première.

In metropolis, 31 national chains are diffused on 6 multiplexings:

8 public national chains 

  • France 2, France 3 (the chain also proposes regional and local programs), France 4, France 5, France Ô, Franceinfo, the Parliamentary chain (national LCP-Assembly and Public Senate) and Arte
Chains publiques_18_01_18




18 free private national chains

  • TF1, M6, W9, TFX, C8, BFM TV, C News, NRJ 12, TMC, CStar and Gulli
  • TF1 series films, L'Equipe, 6Ter, Number 23, Discovered RMC, Cherished 25 and LCI 
Private national chains gratuites_18-01-18





5 paying national chains

  • Canal+, Canal+ Cinema, Canal+ Sport
  • Planète+, Paris Première
logos paying national chains



In metropolis, 41 local channels or regional

41 local channels are present in metropolis.

Consult the table of the local channels in metropolis on the page below: 

Local or regional chains in metropolis

Consult the table of passage of these chains in high definition on the page below: 

Passage à la high definition of the local channels

These chains are available for more than 95% of the metropolitan population, subject having an installation of reception compatible with standard MPEG-4 and directed towards a transmitter of the network of diffusion of the DVB. The access to these chains can be also carried out by the satellite, the ADSL networks, optical fiber or the cable.

In Overseas, 26 public channels and private

Overseas, the following chains are authorized on multiplexings DVB “Romanian 1” with:

  • 7 public national chains: France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France Ô, France 24
  • chain ARTE
  • the public local channel (Overseas 1st), 
  • 15 private local channels diffused on multiplexing DVB “Romanian 1”
  • 2 private local channels are authorized on a duplex and a simplex.

In Guadeloupe

logo Guadeloupe chains




In Guyana

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In Réunion

logo chains Réunion




In Martinique

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In Mayotte

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In New Caledonia

logo New Caledonia chains




As a Polynesia-Frenchwoman





In St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre

logo St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre chains





With Saint Martin

logo chains Saint Martin




With Saint Pierre and Miquelon

logo chains Saint Pierre and Miquelon





With Wallis and Futuna

logo chains Wallis and Futuna





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