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Synthesis of the public consultation of March 12th, 2013 from the point of view of a call for candidate for the diffusion of local televisions in Guadeloupe

Publication date: Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summary of the answers to the questionnaire arrived before May 3rd, 2013


1. Would you be candidates and on which sites and frequencies which appear in appendices 1 and 2?

Nine contributors answered this question, of which four announced their interest for the frequencies of appendix 1. Five other contributors, who consider only one partial cover, chose sites of appendix 2.

2. Which zone do you wish to serve by terrestrial hertzian way in digital mode? Do you envisage a complement of cover by the digital cable or the satellite?


Eight contributors answered this question. These answers reveal a hesitation as for the interpretation of appendices 1 and 2.

Eight contributors wish to sometimes ensure the complete cover of the department with the frequencies of appendix 1, sometimes by the sites secondary of appendix 2. A contributor wishes a partial cover.

Most contributors judges useful, even essential, a complement of cover by satellite to serve the zones with dispersed habitat and in certain cases, the close territories. In particular, the recovery on Canalsat the Caribbean is wished. Four contributors envisage the resumption of their service on the cable network of Numéricâble. A contributor also wishes to conclude a convention with operators from ADSL.

3. Which type of programming you would consider: music channel, chain of general information, general channel, chains of services, data associated, etc?

Nine contributors answered this question.

A contributor plans to exploit an associative television citizen inspired of Kourou TV. Six contributors propose a project of television set of themes which seems to them viable on a restricted market. Another contributor exposed a project of mini bouquet of three specialized channels out of the three departments of the Antilles and Guyana (a chain of general information, a music channel, a general channel).

Lastly, a contributor proposes a project of general channel of proximity of information local and regional which it wishes to develop on the three departments. Its objective is to ensure the free access of the greatest number all information of the Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana and to their environment geographical, political, cultural and social.

4. Is the program that you would plan to diffuse by terrestrial way hertzian in digital mode already available on another support or in another geographical zone?

Two contributors indicated that their chains would be available next June in the Indian Ocean.

A contributor specified that part of the programs of the future regional television already exists in Martinique.

5. Which are your evaluations of the advertising market?

Seven contributors answered, underlining the disadvantages of the restricted local advertising market.

Two of them indicated that they would intervene little on the advertising market, without giving quantified evaluation.

A contributor evaluated the advertising market of the media inhabitants of Guadeloupe to 40 million euros.

Another contributor evaluated the total advertising market of the three departments of the Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana with 20.67 M€.

A contributor indicated that the economic model of ATV and GTV is not viable in the Antilles, whether that is on a market of 400,000 or 700,000 inhabitants.

A contributor asked for the confidentiality for a quantified precise evaluation. It pointed out that the economic issues of today implied packages on all the area and a basin of a million inhabitant.

6. At which amount do estimate you the operational budget of investment and of a television service on the territory of the community (in particular of the expenses of diffusion, if necessary of the transport costs of the signal)?

Eight contributors answered this question while bringing precise details which appear hereafter.

Investments with starting  Budget fonctionnel/an Expenses of diffusion
50 K€ 4 K€ monthly magazines (48 K€/an)  
120 K€ 95 K€ 36 K€
300 K€ 135 K€ 200 K€
350 K€  310 K€ 185 K€
480 K€ 120 K€ 192 K€
680 K€ 120 K€ 192 K€
1500 K€ 5,000 K€ for the three chains  
240 K€    
    75,000 € a year out of ROMANIAN 1

The confidentiality was required for an answer.

7. Would you plan to diffuse in high definition?

Seven contributors indicated that they had the equipment (or envisaged acquisition of it) making it possible to diffuse in MPEG 4 HD, as soon as the diffusion in HD is realizable. A contributor estimated that the diffusion in HD was not, for the moment, viable.

8. If your service is already received by terrestrial hertzian way in the Guadeloupe, are you satisfied with the quality of reception of your program? So not, which are the zones presenting of the problems of reception? If you identified them, which are the causes, in your opinion: site of emission unsuited, power of insufficient emission, remote region due to the relief, etc?

Only one contributor indicated zones presenting, according to him, of the problems of reception because with the relief occulting the propagation of the waves (common of Deshaies, Old man Strong, Backwater, Boiling and part of Point-with-Clown).

Several contributors, carrying future projects, estimate that the current reception is satisfactory.


  • Association TV 971
  • Television SA (Flash TV) Low-is in hiding authorized in the Guadeloupe
  • Swag'
  • Aktif association
  • Association Addicts
  • International association Scawa System
  • Scawa association
  • SAS HRTV (ATV) authorized in Martinique 
  • Overseas Communication
  • private limited company Channel 10 (Channel 10) authorized in the Guadeloupe

(Except time: BB TV and Madras TV)

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