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Procedure of sanction against C8: fine of 3 million euros

Official statement of the Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Superior council of audio-visual pronounced today against C8 a pecuniary penalty concerning the emission Does not touch at my station, of an amount of 3 million euros.

This sanction makes following the diffusion of a sequence, on May 18th, during which the presenter put in scene live phone conversations with people having answered a false classified ad that it had published on a meeting place.  These people, mainly of the homosexual men, were not informed of the identity of their interlocutor and, believing to be within the framework of a private conversation, for some of them revealed information publicly concerned with their intimate and sexual life. Moreover, the presenter has, throughout this sequence, have recourse to many stereotypes and attitudes stereotyped on the homosexual people. The CSA estimated that by diffusing this sequence, the C8 company seriously ignored the principle of respect of the private life, like his obligation to fight against discriminations.

In addition, the CSA makes a point of recalling that it received to date nearly 47,000 complaints concerning this program. Since 2015, it treated nearly 16 files and answered the plaintiffs that there no had been failure for 4 sequences, taking in particular into account the character which wanted to be humorous emission. In addition, he pronounced 3 warning statements and 2 formal notices, in addition to mails of observation addressed to the chain. It privileged thus the dialogue and multiplied the warnings, without obviously being heard, as the third marked sanction attests it this day.

It calls some expressly within the meaning of the responsibility for the leaders of C8 and the Canal+ group and their request to enforce the provisions of subscribed convention and the rules fixed by the law.


Download in the part “Resources” press release, as well as the decision n° 2017-532 bearing sanction against the C8 company


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