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Renewal of the authorizations of diffusion of chains TF1 and M6

Official statement of the Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Superior council of audio-visual examined this day in plenary assembly the conditions of the renewal of the authorizations of diffusion of TF1 and M6.

With regard to the chain TF1, the Council reached at the request of the consistent group to see itself applying the general scheme of the advertisements fixed by a decree of 1992. This one authorizes the commercial breaks for the one duration old tv news higher than 30 mn. The possibility of introducing publicity could be installation since the 12 minute old ceiling of publicity per hour remains unchanged.

The Council refused the request of the editor who wished to decrease his must carries of data transmission. It either did not accept the reduction in the intended programs to youth. It also refused the application of the editor concerning the possibility of promotion crossed with the chain of information LCI.

With regard to the M6 chain, the Council accepted the revision of its musical obligations by authorizing it to pool its obligation of musical production on the level of the group, obligation fixed at 19 million euros a year. On the other hand, the group guarantees a better exposure of the music in evening.

In addition, the Council made record modifications in conventions of the two chains which relate to:

  • the representation of the women to the screen with an objective of parity for the presence of expert on the plates of television;
  • reinforcement of the stipulations relating to the dignity of the people and the fight against the stereotypes, in particular in the emissions of games and entertainment;
  • mention of programs in favour of a food and an activity favorable to health;
  • the actualization of the commitments concerning the French company and their evaluation according to the barometer of the diversity of the CSA;
  • reinforcement of the stipulations relating to the audiodescription.

The Council will be particularly attentive with the respect of these obligations.


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