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The CSA obtains the label Diversity

Official statement of the Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Superior council of audio-visual has just received the “Label Diversity” delivered by the French Association of standardisation (AFNOR).

This label was delivered after opinion of a commission gathering of the representatives of the State, employees' associations and employers, as well as experts of the National association of the directors of human resources.

It is allotted for one 4 years duration, with an intermediate evaluation of conformity at 2 years.

Obtaining the “Label Diversity” is the testimony of the effective and voluntary commitment of the Council since 2007 in favour of the promotion of diversity, in particular in the media.

It makes following one thorough audit of AFNOR realized last September near the collaborators of the Council.

It devotes the effectiveness of the processes relating to human resources existing within the institution, of the campaigns publicity of the employees, the communication campaigns internal or of the installation of a cell of listening.

This labellisation relates to the whole of the agents of the CSA in metropolis and overseas.

Michel Boyon, president of the CSA, stressed that obtaining the label was a great reason of satisfaction and pride for the Council. The institution is the first independent administrative authority to obtain it. This label reinforces the legitimacy of the CSA to require still more chains in favour of a better representation of diversity of the French company.

Contacts presses: Frédérique Bayre/Stéphanie Brun: 01 40 58 36 29.