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French ministries and public agencies

  • ANFR - National agency of the frequencies
  • Arcep - Regulatory authority of the electronic communications and the stations
  • Arjel - Regulatory authority of the online games
  • Cartoradio - Repertoire of the antennas relay of mobile telephony, radio and television in France (National agency of the frequencies)
  • CNC - National centre of the cinema and the animated image
  • Cnil - National IT commission and freedoms  
  • DGLF - General delegation with the French language and the languages of France
  • Digitip - Head office of Industry, Station and Information Technologies (ministry for the Economy, Finances and Industry)
  • DGMIC - Head office of the media and culture industries 
  • Fasild - Funds of action and support for integration and the fight against discriminations 
  • HADOPI - High ranking authority for the diffusion of works and the protection of the Internet laws
  • Ina - National institute of the audio-visual one
  • Légifrance - the essence of the French right
  • Mediamerica - Site on the audio-visual mediums in the United States, created by the embassy of France in the United States
  • MediAsy (Newsletter on the media in Asia published by the Consulate-general from France to Hong-Kong)
  • Ministry for the Culture and the Communication
  • Service-public - the directory of the sites of the French administration 
  • Service-public - the royalty television - Page of the previous site on the modes of payment of the royalty television  
  • Life-public - the audiovisual communications policy - Site published by French Documentation 

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