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Professional organizations of the audio-visual sector

  • AACC - Association of the agencies council in communication
  • Access - Association of the officially agreed chains editors of services
  • Addoc - Association of the documentary scenario writers
  • ADEF - Association of the exporters of films
  • Afdesi - French Association of the developers, editors and service providers in interactive television
  • Aform - French Association of the operators of networks multiservices
  • Alpa - Fight association against audio-visual piracy
  • ARPP - Professional regulatory authority of publicity (e.g. Office of checking of publicity)
  • Avicca - Association of the cities and communities for the electronic communications and the audio-visual one
  • CSPF - Employers' federation of the film producers
  • CNRA - National council of the associative radios
  • FNCF - National federation of the French cinemas
  • SACD - Company of the authors and dramatic composers
  • SCAM - Civil society of the authors multi-media
  • SACEM - Company of the authors, composers and editors of music
  • Sesam - Federation of the companies of multimedia authors
  • SNRL - National union of the independant local radio stations
  • Sev - Trade union Video Edition
  • Salt - Trade union of the software publishers of leisure
  • Simavelec - Trade union of industries of audio-visual equipment electronic
  • Sirti - interprofessional Trade union of the radios and independent televisions
  • Snep - National union of phonographic industry
  • SNPTV - National union of the TV commercial
  • TLSP - Union of local televisions of public service
  • Unic - International union of the cinemas
  • Uspa - European Public Service Union of the audiovisual production

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