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Other actors

  • ACT - Association of European commercial televisions
  • Adami - Company for the administration of the rights of the artists and musicians interpreters
  • Agicoa - Association of collective international management of the audio-visual rights
  • CHR - Committee of history of broadcasting
  • Cosael - Committee for the quality control of the reception of the audio-visual signals
  • Clémi - Center of connection of teaching and the information means
  • Federation Media Family - Association of televiewers
  • Irep - Research institute and of advertising studies
  • Feet in Paf - Association of televiewers
  • Public French-speaking Radios - Forum of the public French-speaking radios
  • Mediametry - interprofessional Company, specialist in the measurement of audience
  • Subtitled media - Portal of voluntary for accessibility with the media of the deaf or deaf people
  • What to choose? - Federal union of the consumers
  • Unaf - National union of family associations

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