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The French radiophonic landscape is characterized by its wealth and the significant number of different services.
The radiophonic offer varies from one city to another.
This is why the listeners on their premises or during displacements are often brought to put this question:
which radios is it possible to hear where I am?

It is enough to indicate the name of the place of listening wished and “ My FM Radio ” indicates the list of the programs radio operators likely to be heard in the commune indicated, their frequency of emission as well as the name of the point from where the emission is diffused
(ex France Inter on 87.8 MHz since the Tower Eiffel).

My radio of motorway

The reception of the services of motorway radios on frequency 107.7 MHz is not integrated into this site. To know the service of radio of motorway diffused along their way, the listeners can refer to this chart:


(Click on the chart to open the pdf)
This new search engine proposes on a purely informative basis to present the list of the radios likely to be received in each metropolitan urban area.

The elements thus communicated relating to the covers of the radios, calculated on the basis of delivered authorization, are it as an indication. Only the data of the authorization are taken.

The quality of this potential reception is represented by a graphic symbol representing the level of quality of reception (1 to 5)
A level from 2 to 5 bars corresponds to received services, with a level of more or less strong signal, but respecting the minimal features of the standards.
A level announced to 1 bar (red) corresponds to the services of radios which can be received because of the natural overflows of frequencies but without warranty of reception of the service nor of absence of jammings.

It is it should be noted that in France the planning of the radio in frequency modulation per hertzian way in mode analogical, known as FM, respects the recommendations of the international authority ITU (International union of telecommunications), in charge of the coordination of the telecommunication networks on a worldwide scale.

Thus, so that a service of radio in analogical mode can be declared like receipt, it is necessary to be in one of the zones planned theoretically for this reception, i.e. which answer the necessary minimal features by the standards installation at the level of the ITU.

However, it is sometimes possible to receive a service of FM radio apart from these zones, by adapting the system of reception on the roof of the dwelling, or by the use of receivers of good quality… In addition, certain listeners can receive certain FM radios, with a less good quality, which appears by an effect of “sizzlings”. This effect occurs in particular out of theoretical zones of reception of these radios.

Lastly, the information put at disposal does not integrate the disturbances due to the defects with difficulty modélisables as those related to the presence of transmitters near dwellings which can make the reception difficult.

It should be noted that if a radio is not present on all the French territory, that can hold with one or more factors:
- this radio is a station local or regional and was not conceived to have a national diffusion;
- this radio, although to national vocation, candidate did not go, for reasons who belong to him, at the time of the last calls to candidatures launched by the CSA in the zones where it is absent;
- the radio stood as candidate well but was not authorized at the time of the last calls for candidate.

Generally, it should be known that the number of FM frequencies is limited, Moreover, the occasions to deliver new authorizations are rare insofar as the existing frequencies are allotted for one five years renewable duration twice.
In addition, all the zones do not have the same number of frequencies, because of their geographical characteristics.


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