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Authorized code list RDS

Name of the service CODE PI
(Name of the program)
Territory concerned or specific radio

Date of Deliberation
(link Web towards the deliberation published
with the Official journal on the Légifrance site)
Color 3 43D3  COLOR Lyon 04/03/2008
France Inter F201  INTER Radio France 04/03/2008
France Culture F202  _CULTURE Radio France 04/03/2008
France Musique F203  MUSIQUE_ Radio France 04/03/2008
FIP F204  __F_I_P_ Radio France 04/03/2008
France Blue Breizh Izel F205  BLEU-BZH Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Berry F205  BLEU.BER Radio France 03/02/2009
France Cotentin Blue F205  BLEU.COT Radio France 03/02/2009
France Gironde Blue F205  BLEU.GIR Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Pays Basque F205  BLEUBASQ Radio France 03/02/2009
France Burgundy Blue F205  BLEUBOUR Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Drome Ardeche F205  BLEUDROM Radio France 03/02/2009
France Info F206  INFO Radio France 04/03/2008
France Limousin Blue with Tulle F207  BLEU.LIM Radio France 03/02/2009
France Orleans Blue F207  BLEU.ORL Radio France 03/02/2009
France Armorique Blue F207  BLEUARMO Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Azure F207  BLEUAZUR Radio France 03/02/2009
France Besancon Blue F207  BLEUBESA Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Champagne F207  BLEUCHAM Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Gard Lozère F207  BLEUGARD Radio France 03/02/2009
France Gascogne Blue F207  BLEUGASC Radio France 03/02/2009
France Poitou Blue F207  BLEUPOIT Radio France 03/02/2009
Mouv' F208  LE_MOUV' Radio France 04/03/2008
France Auxerre Blue F209  BLEU.AUX Radio France 03/02/2009
France Lower Normandy Blue F209  BLEU.B.N Radio France 03/02/2009
France Béarn Blue F209  BLEU.BEA Radio France 03/02/2009
Hollow France Blue F209  BLEU.CRE Radio France 03/02/2009
France Isere Blue F209  BLEU.ISE Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue the Loire Ocean with the Rock on Yon F209  BLEU.L.O Radio France 03/02/2009
France Picardy Blue F209  BLEU.PIC Radio France 03/02/2009
France Touraine Blue F209  BLEU.TOUT Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Belfort Montbeliard F209  BLEUBELF Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Lorraine Nord F209  BLEULORN Radio France 03/02/2009
France Périgord Blue F209  BLEUPERI Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Frequenza Mora F209  BLEURCFM Radio France 03/02/2009
France Roussillon Blue F209  BLEUROUS Radio France 03/02/2009
France Vaucluse Blue F209  BLEUVAUC Radio France 03/02/2009
France Ile de France Blue F20A  BLEU-IDF Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Country of Auvergne F20A  BLEU.AUV Radio France 03/02/2009
France Herault Blue F20A  BLEU.HER Radio France 03/02/2009
France La Rochelle Blue F20A  BLEU.LR. Radio France 03/02/2009
France Mayenne Blue F20A  BLEU.MAY Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue Country of Savoy F20A  BLEU.SAV Radio France 03/02/2009
Northern France Blue F20A  BLEUNORD Radio France 03/02/2009
France Southern Blue Lorraine F20A  BLEUSLOR Radio France 03/02/2009
Radio operator south + F20B  SOUTH MORE National 15/11/2011
RTL F211  RTL National 04/03/2008
RFM F212  RFM National 04/03/2008
Europe 1 F213  EUROPE 1 National 04/03/2008
Skyrock F214  SKYROCK National 04/03/2008
RTL 2 F215  RTL2 National 04/03/2008
RMC F216  RMC National 04/03/2008
Fun Radio F217  FUN National 04/03/2008
Nostalgia F218  NOSTALGI National 04/03/2008
Radio Virgin F219  VIRGIN National 04/03/2008
Radio operator Néo F21A  NEO National 06/11/2008
SWIGG F21B  SWIGG National 17/05/2017
Radio operator Latina F21C  LATINA Paris 06/11/2008
Yes FM F21D  YES FM National 22/06/2010
NRJ F220  NRJ National 04/03/2008
Radio operator Classic F221  CLASSIQ National 04/03/2008
Motorway Information F222  AUTOROUT National 04/03/2008
Radio VINCI Autoroutes F222  R107.7 National 19/03/2014
TSF JAZZ F223  TSF JAZZ National 04/03/2008
FM darling F224  DARLING National 04/03/2008
MFM F225  MFM National 04/03/2008
To laugh and Songs F226  TO LAUGH & National 04/03/2008
BFM F227  BFM National 04/03/2008
Radio Courtesy F228  COURTEOUS National 04/03/2008
Beur FM F229  BEUR FM National 04/03/2008
Radio operator Nova F22A  NOVA National 04/03/2008
The radio operator East F22B  The EAST National 04/03/2008
Radio FG F22C  FG. National 12/07/2017
France the Maghreb 2 F22D  FMAGHREB National 04/03/2008
Jazz Radio F22F  JAZZ National 04/03/2008
Radio operator Sun F230  R SOLEIL National 04/03/2008
Radio Saint-Louis River F2FF  RSL FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F340 with F34F  to determine by the CTA Marseilles 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F350 with F35F  to determine by the CTA Poitiers 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F360 with F36F  to determine by the CTA Toulouse 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F370 with F37F  to determine by the CTA Nancy 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F380 with F38F  to determine by the CTA Lyon 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F390 with F39F  to determine by the CTA Lille 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3A0 with F3AF  to determine by the CTA Rennes 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3B0 with F3BF  to determine by the CTA Caen 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3C0 with F3CF  to determine by the CTA Dijon 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3D0 with F3DF  to determine by the CTA Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3E0 with F3EF  to determine by the CTA Paris 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3E0 with F3EF  to determine by the CTA Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3E0 with F3EF  to determine by the CTA The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3E0 with F3EF  to determine by the CTA New Caledonia 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3E0 with F3EF  to determine by the CTA Polynesia 04/03/2008
Temporary radio F3F0 with F3FF  to determine by the CTA Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
France High-Normandy Blue F405  BLEU.H.N Radio France 03/02/2009
France Blue the Loire Ocean F405  BLEU.L.O Radio France 03/02/2009
France Limousin Blue F405  BLEU.LIM Radio France 03/02/2009
France Occitanie Blue F405  BLEU.OC Radio France 29/11/2017
France Alsace Blue F405  BLEUALSA Radio France 03/02/2009
France Provence Blue F405  BLEUPROV Radio France 04/03/2008
The Alps 1 F431  The ALPS 1 Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio Vitamin F433  VITAMIN Marseilles 04/03/2008
Better Alpine radio F435  R WITH M Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Maritima F436  MARITIMA Marseilles 04/03/2008
Nautical Ciotat Frequency F437  F.NAUTIQ Marseilles 27/05/2008
KIS FM F438  KIS FM Marseilles 04/03/2008
RADIO EMOTION F439  EMOTION Marseilles 28/09/2012
Radio operator Star F440  STAR Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Cannes F441  CANNES R Marseilles 11/09/2013
Radio operator Top FM F442  TOP FM Marseilles 04/03/2008
Costa Serena FM F443  RCM Marseilles 04/03/2008
Frequency K F444  FREQUE.K Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio Frog F445  GRENOUIL Marseilles 04/03/2008
FM sun F446  SUN Marseilles 04/03/2008
FM mistral F447  MISTRAL Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Ace F448  RADIO OPERATOR ACE Marseilles 04/03/2008
Dialogue, the Radio of the Christians of Marseilles F449  DIALOGUE Marseilles 04/03/2008
Alta Fréquenza F450  ALTA Marseilles 04/03/2008
RADIO VALLEY F452  R VALLEE Marseilles 13/12/2013
RADIO UNITED F454  United Marseilles 07/04/2017
Radio Salvo Regina F455  SALVEREG Marseilles 27/01/2012
Radio Dici F456  DICI Marseilles 27/01/2012
RAJE Avignon F457  RAJE Marseilles 06/06/2014
ZAP FM F458  ZAP FM Marseilles 22/09/2009
Alta Serena F459  SERENA Marseilles 30/03/2012
FM mosaic F45A  MOSAIC Marseilles 06/06/2014
NEBBIA CORTE CAMPUS F45B  NEBBIA Marseilles 26/02/2016
FM DIVA F45C  FM DIVA Marseilles 03/06/2016
Radio Corsica Bellevue F460  R.C.B. Marseilles 21/01/2011
Active radio F480  ACTIVE Marseilles 04/03/2008
Camargue radio F481  The CAMARGUE Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio metropolis F482  METROPOL Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Chalom Nitsan F483  CHALOM Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio JM Jewish Radio Marseilles F484  RADIO JM Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Calvi Citadel F486  R CALVI Marseilles 04/03/2008
The radio operator Verdon F488  VERDONFM Marseilles 04/03/2008
FM agora F489  FM AGORA Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio TSF F490  TSF98.10 Marseilles 04/03/2008
FM wink F491  CL DOEIL Marseilles 04/03/2008
Mix the Student Radio F493  MR. I X Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Balagne F494  BALAGNE Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio Nice F495  NICE-FM Marseilles 04/03/2008
Grimaldi FM F496  GRIMALDI Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Corti Vivu F497  R.C.V Marseilles 04/03/2008
Dotty radio F498  DOTTY Marseilles 04/03/2008
Voce Nustrale F499  VOCE Marseilles 04/03/2008
Holy radio Balsam F4A0  STEBAUME Marseilles 04/03/2008
Radio operator Gulf of Love (RGA) F4A1  RGA Marseilles 04/03/2008
Frequency Mistral F4A2  MISTRAL Marseilles 04/03/2008
There the Radio F4A3  THE RADIO Marseilles 04/03/2008
The FM Durance F4A5  The DURANCE Marseilles 04/03/2008
FM comet F4A6  COMET Marseilles 04/03/2008
R' the Alps Southern F4A7  R' ALPSUD Marseilles 04/03/2008
R' Grand Briançonnais F4A8  R' GBRIAN Marseilles 04/03/2008
Contact FM prog. Radio operator Monaco Star F4A9  STAR MC Marseilles 04/03/2008
GALLEY F4AA  GALLEY Marseilles 25/11/2011
IMAGINE F4AB  IMAGINE Marseilles 25/11/2011
RFL 101 F532  RFL 101 Poitiers 22/09/2009
Radio operator Pulsar F534  PULSAR Poitiers 04/03/2008
FM generation F536  GENERAT Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Concrete F537  CONCRETE Poitiers 04/03/2008
C2L, Chalette Loiret Far F538  C2L Poitiers 05/04/2013
Resonance F539  RESO96.9 Poitiers 04/03/2008
More FM F540  MORE FM Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator D 4 B F541  D 4 B Poitiers 04/03/2008
FM hills F542  HILLS Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Gatine F544  GATINE Poitiers 04/03/2008
REC (Echoes of the Jackdaw) F545  REC103.7 Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Clash F546  FM CLASH Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Rainbow F547  ARC/CIEL Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Campus F548  CAMPUS Poitiers 04/03/2008
Graffic FM F549  GRAFFIC Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Forum F552  FORUM Poitiers 04/03/2008
Vibration F560  VIBRATED Poitiers 04/03/2008
RCF Saint Martin F561  RCF 37 Poitiers 04/04/2014
RCF Poitou F562  RCF Poitiers 01/07/2015
STUDIO WIND F563  WIND 91.1 Poitiers 10/11/2010
RCF 41 F564  RCF 41 Poitiers 04/04/2014
RCF LOIRET F565  RCF 45 Poitiers 15/12/2015
Radio operator Vag F580  VAG' FM Poitiers 04/03/2008
Styl' FM F582  STYL' FM Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio operator Gold Valley F583  GOLD VALLEY Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio Portuguese Antenna F585  PORTUGAL Poitiers 04/03/2008
Berry FM F586  BERRY FM Poitiers 04/04/2014
FM connection F587  CONNECTION Poitiers 04/03/2008
RMZ F588  R MR. Z Poitiers 04/03/2008
FM delta F589  DELTA Poitiers 04/03/2008
Radio Agora F58A  AGORA Poitiers 06/11/2008
Radio operator Balistiq F58B  BALISTIQ Poitiers 06/11/2008
Radio operator Campus Turns F58C  CAMPUS Poitiers 06/11/2008
MÉGA FM F590  MÉGA FM Poitiers 00/00/0000
Active radio F5A1  R-ACTIVE Poitiers 04/03/2008
Totem F631  TOTEM Toulouse 04/03/2008
Darling FM the Pyrenees F632  RPCHERIE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Menergy F633  MENERGY Toulouse 04/03/2008
R.D.C. F634  R D C Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio More F635  R.PLUS Toulouse 04/03/2008
Saint-Africa radio F636  R.STAFF Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Revived F637  REVIVED Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Marseillette F638  RMARSEIL Toulouse 04/03/2008
Presence Lourdes Pyrénées F639  PRESENCE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Cushy Skyrock F63E  SKYROCK Toulouse 10/02/2016
CFM 82 F640  CFM 82 Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Altitude F641  ALTITUDE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Great South FM F642  GRANDSUD Toulouse 18/05/2010
Radio operator Cagnac F643  R.CAGNAC Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Presence F644  PRESENCE Toulouse 04/03/2008
RTS FM F645  RTS FM Toulouse 04/03/2008
R d'Autan F646  Rd' SOUTHERLY WIND Toulouse 22/09/2009
Radio Galaxy F647  GALAXY Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Low wall F648  LOW WALL Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM 81 F649  FM 81 Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator south F650  SUDRADIO Toulouse 04/03/2008
RFM Quercy Rouergue F651  F BLUE Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM divergence F652  DIVERGEN Toulouse 04/03/2008
Adour frequency F653  F ADOUR Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Occitanie F654  OCCITANA Toulouse 04/03/2008
RDM F655  R D M Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio of Artagnan F656  R D A. Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM MORE F658  FM-PLUS Toulouse 10/04/2018
Radio VALLESPIR F659  VALLESPI Toulouse 17/12/2013
Radio operator Ecclesia F660  ECCLESIA Toulouse 20/01/2011
Nostalgia Bagneres the High Pyrenees F679  NOSTALG Toulouse 15/01/2014
Radio operator Albiges F680  ALBIGES Toulouse 04/03/2008
Oxygenate FM F682  OXYGENATE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Contact FM 88.8 F683  CONTACT Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Hope 82 F684  ESPOIR82 Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM delta F685  FM DELTA Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator blue sky F686  CIELBLEU Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Current F687  FILD' WATER Toulouse 04/03/2008
FMR F688  FMR Toulouse 04/03/2008
Transparency F689  TRANSPAR Toulouse 04/03/2008
Toulouse FM F68A  TOULOUSE Toulouse 06/11/2008
Distortion F68B  DISTO Toulouse 06/11/2008
Radio FOR THE THIRD TIME F68C  O2 FOR THE THIRD TIME Toulouse 15/12/2009
Radio operator Larzac F68D  R.LARZAC Toulouse 15/12/2009
Radio operator Time F68E  R TEMPS Toulouse 11/06/2010
Radio operator Kol Aviv F691  KOL AVIV Toulouse 04/03/2008
100 % F692  100/100 Toulouse 04/03/2008
100% Catalonia F692  100% CAT Toulouse 13/03/2018
Radio of Save F694  R D L S Toulouse 04/03/2008
Southern channel F695  CANALSUD Toulouse 04/03/2008
Antenna of Oc F696  ANT.D' OC Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Slopes F697  RCOTEAUX Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio 16 F698  RADIO 16 Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Clapas F6A0  CLAPAS Toulouse 04/03/2008
The Echo of Garrigues F6A1  EKO 88.5 Toulouse 04/03/2008
Frequency Luz F6A2  FREQ LUZ Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Lodéve F6A3  LODEVE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Radio F6A4  R.RADIO Toulouse 04/03/2008
Batch presence F6A5  PRESENCE Toulouse 04/03/2008
VFM F6A6  VFM Toulouse 04/03/2008
Barousse FM F6A8  BAROUSSE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Arrels F6A9  ARRELS Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Frequency Toulouse Sun F6AA  SUN Toulouse 04/03/2008
Figeac presence F6AB  PRESENCE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Pyrenees Presence F6AC  PRESENCE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator My Feed F6AD  MY FEED Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM decibel F6AE  DECIBEL Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Cushy Salvetat F6AF  SALVETAT Toulouse 04/03/2008
To boost F6B1  @BOOSTER Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Nimes Frequency F6B2  R.F.N Toulouse 04/03/2008
PEAK FM F6B3  R V WITH Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM More Open Grid F6B4  R.G.O Toulouse 04/03/2008
RADIO BARTAS F6B5  BARTAS Toulouse 18/12/2012
Radio operator Country of Herault F6B6  R- PH Toulouse 06/05/2011
RPH-SUD F6B6  R- PH Toulouse 06/05/2011
Radio operator Flash F6B7  PICSTLOU Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM littoral F6B8  LITTORAL Toulouse 04/03/2008
3D FM F6B9  3D FM Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Feed F6C0  FEED Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Lenga d' Oc Narbonna F6C1  LENGADOC Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Escapades F6C2  ESCAPADE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Margeride F6C3  MARGERID Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio Ballade F6C4  BALLADE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Toulouse Campus F6C5  CAMPUSFM Toulouse 00/00/0000
Gascogne FM F6C6  GASCOGNE Toulouse 04/03/2008
FM Gospel 66 F6C7  GOSPEL Toulouse 04/03/2008
Agora F6C8  FM AGORA Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Lacaune F6C9  LACAUNE Toulouse 04/03/2008
DFM 930 F6CA  DFM 930 Toulouse 00/00/0000
Alliance radio More F6D0  ALLIANCE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Inter-Valley F6D1  INTERVAL Toulouse 04/03/2008
System F6D2  SYSTEM Toulouse 04/03/2008
More FM F6D3  MORE FM Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Southern Axis F6D4  R AXESUD Toulouse 04/03/2008
Lenga d' Oc F6D5  LENGADOC Toulouse 04/03/2008
Raje F6D6  RAJE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Montaillou F6D7  MtAILLOU Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Montaillou F6D7  MtAILLOU Toulouse 22/09/2009
Radio Association F6D8  RAD ASSO Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio the Local one F6D9  LALOCALE Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Valley Pireneos F6E0  PIRENEOS Toulouse 04/03/2008
Radio operator Festival F6E2  FESTIVAL Toulouse 04/03/2008
ONE FM F6E3  ONE Toulouse 16/11/2010
Accent 4 F731  ACCENT 4 Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Dreyeckland F732  DREYECKD Nancy 04/03/2008
FM latitude F733  LATITUDE Nancy 04/03/2008
Top Music F734  TOPMUSIC Nancy 04/03/2008
Kit FM F735  KIT FM Nancy 21/09/2011
Radio operator Rainbow F738  ARCnCIEL Nancy 22/09/2009
Radio in construction F738  R.E.C Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Jerico F739  JERICO 57 Nancy 04/03/2008
Magnum the Radio F73B  MAGNUM Nancy 05/09/2011
Radio 8 F742  RADIO 8 Nancy 04/03/2008
Direct FM F743  DIRECTFM Nancy 04/03/2008
Judaïca F744  JUDAICA Nancy 04/03/2008
FM champagne F748  FM FIELD Nancy 04/03/2008
Fajet 94.2 FM Nancy F749  FAJET Nancy 04/03/2008
RVM F750  R V M Nancy 04/03/2008
Headlight FM Haguenau F751  HEADLIGHT Nancy 05/09/2011
The Vosges FM F752  VOSGESFM Nancy 02/04/2012
RCF Lorraine Nancy F753  RCF LOR Nancy 02/03/2015
Green frequency F75B  FR GREEN Nancy 22/09/2009
Happy F783  HAPPY FM Nancy 04/03/2008
FM azure F784  FM AZURE Nancy 04/03/2008
Sun Media F785  RSM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Peltre Leisures F786  RPL Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Florival F787  FLOR FM Nancy 06/11/2008
Radio operator Troyes Campus F789  CAMPUS Nancy 04/03/2008
RDS Cherished FM Nancy F790  RDS100.9 Nancy 18/10/2011
Is FM F791  IS FM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio Melody F793  MELODY Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio ECN F795  ECN Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Catch F796  CATCH Nancy 04/03/2008
Meuse FM F797  MEUSE FM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio A.R.I.A. F798  ARIA Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator topic F799  TOPIC Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio Freedom F7A0  FREEDOM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator FM Cocktail F7A1  COCKTAIL Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio Strasbourg Welcome F7A2  R B S Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Fugi F7A4  FUGI FM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Dreyeckland Centers Alsace Colmar F7A5  RDL Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Crystal F7A6  CRYSTAL Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio of the Balloons F7A7  RBALLONS Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio FM Cicada F7A8  CIGALEFM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Graffiti' S F7A9  GRAFFITI Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Channel Bilberry F7AA  RCM 97.6 Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Lor' FM F7AB  LOR' FM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Studio 1 F7AC  STUDIO 1 Nancy 04/03/2008
Headlight FM High-Normandy F7AD  FM HEADLIGHT Caen 00/00/0000
FM headlight F7AD  FM HEADLIGHT Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio Activities F7AE  ACTIVITY Nancy 04/03/2008
FM cherry F7AF  CERISEFM Nancy 09/07/2012
Radio operator Bellevue F7B0  BELLEVUE Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Button F7B1  BUTTON Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Mau-Nau F7B2  R MR. NR Nancy 04/03/2008
ViVradio F7B3  ViVradio Nancy 04/04/2016
Radio operator Rupt de Mad F7B4  RDM Nancy 04/03/2008
RCB the Radio of the Valley F7B5  R.C.B Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Contact F7B6  CONTACT Nancy 04/03/2008
The Radio Primitive F7B7  LAPRIM Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Graffiti F7B8  GRAFFITI Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio Paddle etSeine F7B9  R WITH S Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Iris F7BA  IRIS Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Saint-Nabor F7BB  R S NR Nancy 04/03/2008
South the Radio Ardennes F7BC  S.A.R. Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio operator Caraïb Nancy (RCN) F 7BD  R.C.N Nancy 04/03/2008
Radio Young people Rheims (RJR) F7BE  R J R Nancy 04/03/2008
FM resonance F7BF  RESO FM Nancy 04/03/2008
Activate Radio F7C0  ACTIVE Nancy 22/09/2009
FM bubble F7C1  FM BUBBLE Nancy 27/05/2008
Radio operator Mozot Ford F7C2  GUEMOZOT Nancy 06/09/2010
The Radio More F832  MORE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio 74 F833  RADIO 74 Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator FC F837  RADIO OPERATOR FC Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio ODS F838  ODS Lyon 04/03/2008
MTI F83A  MR. T I Lyon 23/04/2014
Radio operator Space F842  SPACE Lyon 04/03/2008
FM rock'n'roll F843  FM ROCK'N'ROLL Lyon 04/03/2008
TFM F844  TFM Lyon 04/03/2008
FM mountain F845  MOUNTAIN Lyon 04/03/2008
Perrine FM F846  PERRINE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Mont Blanc F847  MT.BLANC Lyon 04/03/2008
FM impact F848  IMPACT Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Grésivaudan F850  GRESIVAU Lyon 04/03/2008
RCF F851  RCF Lyon 04/03/2008
Catch F852  CATCH Lyon 28/10/2011
R-DWA F853  RDWA Lyon 28/10/2011
Radio operator Dio F857  RADIODIO Lyon 03/02/2009
Radio FMR F859  RADIOFMR Lyon 23/11/2011
FM sequence F85A  SEQUENCE Lyon 28/10/2011
Radio Altitude F85B  ALTITUDE Lyon 23/11/2011
Radio operator Valloire F85C  VALLOIRE Lyon 28/10/2011
It Radio F85D  C RADIO Lyon 28/10/2011
RADIO ROYANS F85F  R ROYANS Lyon 05/04/2013
RADIOMAGNY F861  RADMAGNY Lyon 23/05/2014
Radio Hope F864  HOPE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Scoop F865  SCOOP Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Viola F866  VIOLA Lyon 07/10/2010
RADIO SEMNOZ F867  SEMNOZ Lyon 10/03/2016
Headlight FM Grenoble F869  FM HEADLIGHT Lyon 07/02/2017
FM headlight with the Doors of the Dauphine one F86A  FM HEADLIGHT Lyon 07/02/2017
H2O F86B  __H2O_ Lyon 02/03/2018
Hot Radio F880  HOT Lyon 04/03/2008
FM PASSION F881  PFMRADIO Lyon 05/02/2016
Radio operator Isa F882  ISA Lyon 04/03/2008
Lyon First F883  LYON1ère Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Hyphen F884  RTU 89.8 Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio 100 Kol Hachalom F885  R K H Lyon 04/03/2008
FM sun F886  SUN Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Tonic, the radio operator of the sport F887  TONIC Lyon 23/11/2011
Frequency 7 F888  FREQ 7 Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio the Loire FM F889  THE LOIRE FM Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Silk worker F890  SILK WORKER Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Campus F891  CAMPUS Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Of Boutières F892  R D B FM Lyon 04/03/2008
FM pixel F893  FM PIXEL Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Samoens F894  SAMOENS Lyon 04/03/2008
New FM F895  NEW' S FM Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Passion F896  PASSION Lyon 04/03/2008
Sun 101.5 F897  SUN101.5 Lyon 27/04/2012
Radio operator Salam F898  R-SALAM Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Judaïca Lyon F899  JUDAICA Lyon 04/03/2008
Max FM F8A1  MAX FM Lyon 04/03/2008
Sorgia FM F8A2  SORGIAFM Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Fountain F8A3  FOUNTAIN Lyon 04/03/2008
RCT Cape Sao F8A4  CAPSAO Lyon 22/09/2009
Radio Plain F8A5  R PLAINE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Hellebore F8A6  HELLEBORE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Kaleidoscope F8A7  KALEIDOS Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Méga F8A8  Méga Lyon 04/03/2008
Ground FM F8A9  GROUND FM Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator oxygen F8AA  OXYGENATE Lyon 04/03/2008
Information RC F8AB  INFORC Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator A F8AC  RADIO WITH Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Plural F8AD  PLURAL Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator M F8AF  RADIO OPERATOR M Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Pytagor F8B0  PYTAGOR Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio BLV F8B1  RADIOBLV Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Guy Zag F8B2  ZIGZAG Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Activ F8B3  ACTIV Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Valley of Kidneys F8B4  R.V.R Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Armenia F8B5  ARMENIA Lyon 04/03/2008
FM colors F8B8  COLORS Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio from here F8C0  R. D'ICI Lyon 04/03/2008
R' Tignes F8C1  R' TIGNES Lyon 04/03/2008
R' Arcs F8C2  R' ARCS Lyon 04/03/2008
R' Méribel F8C3  R' MERIBL Lyon 04/03/2008
R' Plagne F8C4  R' PLAGNE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Valley of Isere F8C5  VALLEY 96.1 Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Ondaine F8C6  ONDAINE Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Zones F8C7  ZONES938 Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Saint-Ironwood F8C8  IRONWOOD Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Courchevel F8C9  R' COURCH Lyon 04/03/2008
Radio Fog F8CA  FOG Lyon 07/05/2010
Contact F931  CONTACT Lille 04/03/2008
Radio 6 F932  RADIO 6 Lille 04/03/2008
Mona FM F933  MONA FM Lille 04/03/2008
Rock FM F934  ROCK FM Lille 04/03/2008
FM delta F935  FM DELTA Lille 04/03/2008
Channel Sambre Avesnois F939  CHANNEL S Lille 04/03/2008
Radio operator Uylenspiegel F941  UYLENSPI Lille 04/03/2008
RDL F942  RDLradio Lille 15/04/2015
Horizon F943  HORIZON Lille 20/12/2013
RADIO BRUAYSIS programs RDL F944  BruayRDL Lille 15/04/2015
Radio operator Pacot Lambersart RPL F946  RPL 99 Lille 04/03/2008
Radio Frequency Laon RFL F947  RFL LAON Lille 04/03/2008
Radio More F948  MORE Lille 04/03/2008
FM echo F949  FM ECHO Lille 04/03/2008
Best FM Arras F950  BEST FM Lille 04/03/2008
Amiens campus F952  _CAMPUS_ Lille 07/02/2012
Radio 3 of F953  RADIO OPERATOR 3D Lille 30/09/2015
R2M the Radio more F980  R2M + Lille 04/03/2008
FM pastel F981  PASTEL Lille 04/03/2008
FM planet F982  PLANET Lille 04/03/2008
Radio operator Macou Cop F984  RCM 98.4 Lille 04/03/2008
Radio operator B L C F985  BLC 90.9 Lille 04/03/2008
Radio Galaxy F986  GALAXY Lille 04/03/2008
Radio 13 F987  R13/RBM Lille 04/03/2008
RBM Radio Billy Montigny F987  R13/RBM Lille 04/03/2008
Radio Galaxy F988  GALAXY Lille 04/03/2008
Radio operator Campus F989  CAMPUS Lille 04/03/2008
Radio Ice-barrier F990  ICE-BARRIER Lille 04/03/2008
Radio Meeting F991  RENCONTR Lille 04/03/2008
FM deckchair F992  DECKCHAIR Lille 04/03/2008
Radio P.FM F993  PFM 99.9 Lille 04/03/2008
Radio operator Club F994  CLUB1057 Lille 04/03/2008
Rado Picardie Littoral F995  RPL 91.6 Lille 04/03/2008
Hit West FA31  HIT WEST Rennes 04/03/2008
Tempo the Radio FA32  TEMPO Rennes 04/03/2008
NTI FA37  NTI Rennes 04/03/2008
Neptune radio FA38  NEPTUNE Rennes 04/03/2008
Graffiti Radio Urban FA41  GRAFFITI Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Caroline FA43  CAROLINE Rennes 04/03/2008
Jet FM FA44  JET FM Rennes 04/03/2008
RFC FA45  R.F.C. Rennes 04/03/2008
Radiocéan FA47  R.OCEAN Rennes 04/03/2008
RMS 89.6 FA48  R AURAY Rennes 04/03/2008
RLK FA52  RLK Rennes 03/02/2009
Radio operator Kerne FA53  KERNE Rennes 04/03/2008
Mélody FM FA54  MELODY Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Stopwatch FA55  STOPWATCH Rennes 04/03/2008
Alternating FM FA56  ALTERNAN Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Dimension of love FA58  FMC Rennes 04/03/2008
NMR FA59  R MR. NR Rennes 04/03/2008
Station Millennium FA5A  MILLENNIUM Rennes 20/06/2016
FM STAMP FA5B  STAMP Rennes 27/01/2014
Radio operator Atlantis FM FA5D  ATLANTIS Rennes 15/09/2014
FREQUENCY 8 FA5E  FREQ 8 Rennes 13/02/2017
Lark FA61  LARK Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Angers Campus FA62  CAMPUS Rennes 12/10/2015
FM JADE FA63  FM JADE Rennes 21/11/2016
RADIO BEACONS FA64  BEACONS Rennes 11/09/2017
Radio operator Laser FA80  LASER Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Fidelity FA81  FIDELITY Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Emerald FA82  EMERALD Rennes 04/03/2008
I LIKE FA83  I LIKE Rennes 13/02/2012
Radio operator Happiness FA84  HAPPINESS Rennes 04/03/2008
Channel B FA85  CHANNEL B Rennes 04/03/2008
Plum FM FA86  PLUM' FM Rennes 04/03/2008
High radio From Angers FA87  FROM ANGERS Rennes 04/03/2008
Océane FM FA88  OCÉANE Rennes 04/03/2008
Sun FM FA89  SUN FM Rennes 04/03/2008
Frequency 10 FA91  FREQ 10 Rennes 04/03/2008
Arvorig FM FA92  ARVORIG Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Rennes Campus FA93  R.CAMPUS Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Escape (Faou) FA94  REVASION Rennes 04/03/2008
Sing Sing FA95  SINGSING Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Brittany City FA96  RCB Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Word of Life FA97  R.P.V Rennes 04/03/2008
Frequency Mutinies FA98  MUTINIES Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Kreiz Breizh FA99  R K B Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Rennes FA9A  R RENNES Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Sun 35 FA9B  SOLEIL35 Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Brittany North FA9C  RNB Rennes 04/03/2008
Cob FM FA9D  COB FM Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio Escape (Saint-Méen-the-Large) FA9E  ESCAPE Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator G! FA9F  RADIO OPERATOR G Rennes 04/03/2008
FM zenith FAA0  ZENITHFM Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Universe FAA1  UNIVERSE Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Bro Gwened FAA2  BROGWEND Rennes 04/03/2008
Nov. FM FAA3  NOV. FM Rennes 04/03/2008
RPS FM FAA4  RPS FM Rennes 04/03/2008
Ploubaz FM FAA6  PLOUBAZ Rennes 04/03/2008
The Radio of the Sea FAA7  YES MER Rennes 12/04/2011
The Tribe FAA8  THE TRIBE Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Activ' FAA9  ACTIV' Rennes 04/03/2008
Prun' FAB1  PRUN' Rennes 04/03/2008
Kernews FAB2  KERNEWS Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator U FAB4  RADIO OPERATOR U Rennes 04/03/2008
Euradionantes FAB6  EURADIO Rennes 04/03/2008
Radio operator Channel Centers FAB7  CHANNEL C Rennes 04/03/2008
NEPTUNE FM FAB8  NEPTUNE Rennes 28/06/2010
Transfer FM FB32  TRANSFER FM Caen 04/03/2008
Normandy FM FB34  NORMANDI Caen 04/03/2008
Sea FM FB35  SEA FM Caen 04/03/2008
Western trend FB38  TREND Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Crystal FB39  CRYSTAL Caen 04/03/2008
FM cocktail FB40  COCKTAIL Caen 04/03/2008
Resonance FB41  RESONANC Caen 04/03/2008
666 FB42  666 Caen 04/03/2008
More FM FB43  MORE FM Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Albatross FB44  ALBATROSS Caen 04/03/2008
Frequency Sillé FM FB46  FREQSILL Caen 04/03/2008
Radio the Sentinel FB47  RLS Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Prevert FB48  PREVERT Caen 04/03/2008
TSF 98 FB49  TSF 98 Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Caen Phoenix-Campus FB52  PHOENIX Caen 07/05/2013
Radio operator Active ingredient FB54  P.ACTIF Caen 05/09/2011
FM contact FB55  CONTACT Caen 27/01/2014
HAG' FM FB56  HAG FM Caen 14/12/2015
RCF CALVADOS-MANCHE FB59  RCF14-50 Caen 13/09/2016
Radio Valley of the Crack FB80  R.V.L Caen 04/03/2008
Radio Intensity FB81  INTENS' Caen 04/03/2008
Radio the Alps Mancelle FB83  R.A.M Caen 04/03/2008
Radio of the Three Valleys FB84  RTV 95.7 Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Alpa FB86  ALPA Caen 04/03/2008
RC 2 FB87  R.C.2 Caen 04/03/2008
Radio the Tops deRouen FB88  RADIOHDR Caen 04/03/2008
Sweet FM FB89  SWEET FM Caen 04/03/2008
Space FB91  SPACE Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Flam FB92  FLAM Caen 04/03/2008
FM portfolio FB93  PORTFOLIO Caen 04/03/2008
Pulsate FB94  PULSATE Caen 04/03/2008
Radio operator Love at first sight FB95  RCDF 104 Caen 04/03/2008
FM horizon FB96  HORIZON Caen 04/03/2008
Radio Be worth Them Village FB97  R.L.W. Caen 04/03/2008
The other radio FB9B  THE OTHER Caen 03/02/2009
Nevers radio FC33  NEVERS Dijon 04/03/2008
Frequency More FC34  F MORE Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator South Besancon FC35  RADIOSUD Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Omega FC36  OMEGA Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Number 1 FC37  NUMBER 1 Dijon 19/06/2013
Radio operator FM Villages FC38  VILLAGES Dijon 04/03/2008
FM diversity FC39  DIVERSIT Dijon 09/10/2017
Radio operator Besancon Campus FC3A  CAMPUS Dijon 06/11/2008
SNR FC40  SNR100.1 Dijon 04/03/2008
Vat FM FC41  VAT FM Dijon 04/03/2008
Outdoor FC42  PLEINAIR Dijon 04/03/2008
97.2 Radio operator Burgundy North FC44  R NR B Dijon 04/03/2008
Eole FC45  EOLE Dijon 04/03/2008
Bresse radio FC46  R.BRESSE Dijon 04/03/2008
Frequency of the Leisures FC47  F.D.L. Dijon 04/03/2008
Frequency Vesoul Friendship FC48  F.AMITIE Dijon 04/03/2008
FM sorting FC49  TRIAGEFM Dijon 04/03/2008
FM floats FC50  FLOAT Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Beep FC51  IBP 96.9 Dijon 03/10/2011
RCV 105.0 FC52  RCV105FM Dijon 17/12/2012
Radio operator Pergaud College FC53  R.C.P. Dijon 16/12/2014
RCF in Burgundy FC54  RCF Dijon 31/03/2014
RCF Besancon FC55  RCFBesan Dijon 31/03/2014
Radio-television Saône-et-Loire (RTS) FC56  RTSFPLUS Dijon 19/05/2014
Radio operator Star FC67  STAR Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio Friendship FC81  FRIENDSHIP Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio Dijon Campus FC82  CAMPUS Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Cactus FC83  CACTUS Dijon 04/03/2008
Radyonne FM FC84  RADYONNE Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Morvan FC85  R.MORVAN Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio Shalom Dijon FC86  SHALOM Dijon 04/03/2008
VTI FC87  V.T.I Dijon 04/03/2008
Tonic FM FC88  TONIC FM Dijon 04/03/2008
RVM FC89  RVM FM Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Prévert FC90  PREVERT Dijon 04/03/2008
Aléo FC91  ALEO Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Avallon FC92  AVALLON Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator Swing FC93  R.SWING Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio Dijon Cultures FC94  CULTURES Dijon 04/03/2008
Radio operator K6 FM FC95  K6FM Dijon 04/03/2008
Full C? ur FC96  PL_C? UR Dijon 04/03/2008
Vintage FC97  VINTAGE Dijon 04/03/2008
FM azure FC99  FM AZURE Dijon 04/03/2008
Club Altitude FC9A  CLUB ALT Dijon 06/11/2008
Auxois FM FCA3  AUXOISFM Dijon 07/06/2010
Radio Vézère Valley FD30  R.V.V. Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Xiberoko Botza FD31  X. BOTZA Bordeaux 06/11/2008
RCF Charente FD32  RCF16 Bordeaux 10/03/2016
Radio Valley of Isle (RVI) FD33  RVI Bordeaux 12/04/2017
Wit FM FD34  WIT FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Helene FM FD37  HELENEFM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
MIXX FD38  MIXX FM Bordeaux 11/04/2018
Radio Good news FD41  R B NR Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio MDM FD42  MDM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Isabelle FM FD43  ISA FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
ARL FD44  ARL FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Blackbox FD45  BLACKBOX Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Gure Irratia FD46  GURE IR Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Orion 87.6 Voices of the Valley FD47  ORION Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Lapurdi Irratia FD48  LAPURDI Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Newest FD49  NEWWEST Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Euro-Infos the Pyrenees Metropolis FD53  EUROINFO Bordeaux 04/03/2008
VOGUE RADIO FD54  VOGUE Bordeaux 15/10/2013
Independant local radio stations in Périgord FD56  RLP102.3 Bordeaux 30/01/2015
FM South Coast FD57  SOUTH COAST Bordeaux 02/04/2015
Albret FM FD58  ALBRETFM Bordeaux 11/10/2017
Attitude FD59  ATTITUDE Bordeaux 14/01/2016
Cap Ferret radio FD5A  RCFERRET Bordeaux 08/09/2016
Radio operator Arcachon Basin FD5B  RBA 90.4 Bordeaux 08/09/2016
Radio Dunes FD5C  R.DUNES Bordeaux 08/09/2016
CHASSIRON FM FD5D  CHASSIFM Bordeaux 12/10/2016
AQUA FM FD81  AQUA FM Bordeaux 21/01/2014
FM melody FD82  MELODIFM Bordeaux 22/09/2009
Radio operator College FD83  COLLEGE Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Pau d'Ousse FD84  R.P.O. Bordeaux 04/03/2008
FM young lady FD85  DEMOISEL Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Rate Music FD86  RCM FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Wildfowl FD87  SAUVAG Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio TV of the Low registers FD88  TRG Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Star FD89  FM STAR Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Bergerac Valley FD90  RVB Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio 4 Cantons FD91  RADIO 4 Bordeaux 04/03/2008
FM crystal FD92  CRYSTAL Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Mendililia FD93  MENDILIA Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Bergerac 95 FD94  BERGERAC Bordeaux 04/03/2008
The Voice of Armagnac FD95  V.D.A Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Oloron FD96  R.OLORON Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Iguanodon the Gironde - RIG FD97  RIG Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Hope FD98  HOPE Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio the Key of the Waves FD99  THE KEY Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Terre Marine FDA0  T NAVY Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Bubble FDA1  BUBBLE Bordeaux 04/03/2008
O2 Radio FDA2  O2RADIO Bordeaux 04/03/2008
FM manor house FDA3  CFMRADIO Bordeaux 14/02/2012
VDB Béarn Frequency FDA4  VOIXBEAR Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Freedom FDA5  RLIBERTE Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Aqui FM FDA7  AQUI FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
FM beach FDA8  FM BEACH Bordeaux 26/02/2013
Radio operator Campus FDA9  CAMPUS Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Pons FDB0  R. PONS Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Between Two Seas FDB1  R.E.M. Bordeaux 04/03/2008
RADIO OPERATOR ZOOM FDB2  ZOOM Bordeaux 15/10/2013
FM memories FDB3  TO REMEMBER Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Inside FDB4  INSIDE Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Sun de re FDB5  SUN Bordeaux 04/03/2008
47 FM FDB6  47 FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
DRC FDB7  R.D.C. Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Gold FM FDB8  GOLD FM Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio Good mood FDB9  R.B.H. Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Positive Radio operator FDC1  POSITIVE Bordeaux 02/03/2010
Frequency Big lakes FDF8  F G L Bordeaux 04/03/2008
Radio operator Périgueux 103 FDFA  RADIO103 Bordeaux 27/05/2008
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1st FE02  SPM 1st Paris 06/09/2017
Guadeloupe 1st FE03  MAR 1st The Antilles - Guyana 06/09/2017
Martinique 1st FE04  MAR 1st The Antilles - Guyana 06/09/2017
Guyana 1st FE05  GUY 1st The Antilles - Guyana 06/09/2017
Mayotte 1st FE06  MAY 1st Réunion - Mayotte 06/09/2017
Réunion 1st FE07  REU 1st Réunion - Mayotte 06/09/2017
Wallis and Futuna 1st FE08  WAL 1st New Caledonia and Wallis-et-Futuna 06/09/2017
New Caledonia 1st FE09  NC 1st New Caledonia and Wallis-et-Futuna 06/09/2017
Polynesia 1st FE0A  POLY 1st French Polynesia 06/09/2017
Radio Saint Martin FE10  RADIOSXM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
RFI FE10  RFI Radio France 04/03/2008
NRJ New Caledonia FE11  NRJ New Caledonia 04/03/2008
Radio operator Saint-Barth FM FE11  RSB FM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator 2000 FE30  R2000 The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Free Dom FE31  FREEDOM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Here and Now FE31  HERE & MT Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Mosaic FE31  MOSAIC The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Néo FE31  NEO Paris 03/02/2009
NRJ Polynesia FE31  NRJ Polynesia 04/03/2008
Protestant frequency FE32  F.PROTES Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Kalimé FE32  KALIME Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio Notre Dame FE32  NR. LADY Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Tiara FE32  FM TIARA Polynesia 04/03/2008
Radio operator vinyl FE32  VINYL The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
THEY FM FE33  THEY FM Paris 15/12/2009
Radio operator Blue Rhythm FE33  R R B New Caledonia 04/03/2008
Radio 1 FE33  RADIO 1 Polynesia 04/03/2008
Radio Voice in the Desert FE33  RVLD The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Sky Réunion FE33  SKY FM Réunion - Mayotte 24/06/2013
Radio operator Rainbow FE34  ARC SKY Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Blue radio FE34  BLUE Polynesia 04/03/2008
Radio operator Djiido FE34  DJIIDO New Caledonia 04/03/2008
FM tropics FE34  TROPIC Paris 04/03/2008
Radio 102 FM FE35  102 FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio Escape FE35  ESCAPE Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Kikiwi FE35  KFM 91.6 The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Maohi FE35  MAOHI Polynesia 04/03/2008
NRJ Guyana FE36  NR R J The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Plus FM FE36  MORE FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio You Reo O Tefana FE36  TEFANA Polynesia 04/03/2008
Radio the Voice of the Hope FE37  L V D L Polynesia 04/03/2008
International toucan Frequency - TFI FE37  T.F.I. The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
FM mongrel FE38  FM MONGREL The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Star FE38  FM STAR Polynesia 04/03/2008
Radio operator Star FE39  STAR Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Media Tropic FE39  METROPIQ The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio You Vevo FE39  RTV Polynesia 04/03/2008
TAUI FM FE3A  TAUI FM Polynesia 03/02/2009
Laughter and Tahiti Songs FE3B  RIRE&CH Polynesia 24/07/2013
Radio Bora Bora FE40  BORA Polynesia 04/03/2008
West FM (Guyana) FE40  FM WEST The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio of the Islands FE40  R.I.L. Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Space FM FE41  SPACE Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator South More FE41  SOUTH MORE Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
FM runs away programs FM Contact FE42  CONTACT Paris 04/03/2008
NRJ Réunion FE42  NRJ Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Chante France FE43  SING F Paris 04/03/2008
Exo FM FE43  EXO FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Salazes FE44  SALAZES Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio First FE45  FIRST Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
FM voltage FE45  VOLTAGE Paris 04/03/2008
Aligre FM FE46  ALIGRE Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Country FE46  COUNTRY Paris 04/03/2008
RFM FE46  RFM Réunion - Mayotte 29/06/2012
Radio Is Réunion FE47  The RER Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Festival FE48  FESTIVAL Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio Old woman Church FE48  R V E Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Plainoise FM FE49  104 F M Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Generations FE50  GENE88.2 Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Kanal Indian Ocean FE50  K O I Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio 100% Jazz FE51  100% Jazz Réunion - Mayotte 09/06/2009
Radio Marchionesses FE51  MARCHIONESS Polynesia 24/07/2013
Radio operator Sun FM Music FE51  SUN FM The Antilles - Guyana 02/06/2010
FM caribou FE52  Caribou Réunion - Mayotte 09/06/2009
Radio operator Enghien FE52  ENGHIEN Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Hiti FM FE52  HITI FM French Polynesia 25/10/2017
Cosmic radio One FE52  R.C.O. The Antilles - Guyana 02/06/2010
MBS Music Stereo Box FE53  MUSICBOX Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Mission Pionnier FE53  R.M.P. The Antilles - Guyana 02/06/2010
Radio Réunion antenna FE55  ANTENNA Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Radio operator Puisaleine FE55  PUISALEI Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Azot FE56  WITH Z O T Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
FM horizon FE56  HORIZON Paris 12/12/2011
Radio operator Saint Gabriel FE56  SGABRIEL The Antilles - Guyana 12/10/2011
FM capital FE57  CAPITAL Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Oxygenate FE57  OXYGENATE Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Good news of Guyana FE57  R.B.N.G The Antilles - Guyana 12/10/2011
FM KNACK FE58  FM KNACK Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
MÉGA FM FE58  MÉGA FM The Antilles - Guyana 28/05/2013
Radio operator Valois Multien RVM FE58  RVM 93.7 Paris 04/03/2008
Radio AYP FE59  AYP FM Paris 04/03/2008
FM interval FE59  ENTRE2FM Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Maghreb France FE59  FMAGHREB Paris 04/03/2008
Radio KARATA FE59  KARATA The Antilles - Guyana 28/05/2013
EvryOne FE5A  EVRYONE Paris 22/09/2009
Free Dom 2 FE5A  FREEDOM2 Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Radio operator Massabielle FE5A  R.MASSAB The Antilles - Guyana 28/05/2013
Fun Radio FE5B  FUN Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
NRB (New Berber Radio) FE5B  NRB Paris 18/09/2013
Graphe' hit FE5C  Graphe' hit Paris 22/09/2009
LFM Réunion FE5C  LFM Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Radio Musics Guianese Information (MIG) FE5C  MIG FM The Antilles - Guyana 19/06/2014
Noy' one Air FE5D  NOYONAIR Paris 12/12/2016
Lo Rénioné FE5D  RENIONE Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Radio Libertarian FE5E  RL.89.4 Paris 13/09/2011
Trace FM FE5E  TRACE FM Réunion - Mayotte 17/08/2016
Radio operator Nightingale FE5F  RSSIGNOL The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
RTL 2 FE5F  RTL 2 Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
CLASSICA FE60  CLASSICA The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
Zinfosradio FE60  Zinfos Réunion - Mayotte 28/10/2011
Radio operator Kontak FE61  KONTAK Réunion - Mayotte 20/02/2012
Mayouri FM FE61  MAYOURI The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
Radio operator Peyi Guyana FE62  PEYI The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
Radio Terre Blanche FM FE62  RTB FM Réunion - Mayotte 24/03/2014
Radio GAIAC FE63  GAIAC FM The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
Kwezi FM FE63  KWEZI FM Réunion - Mayotte 13/10/2014
Radio Kon Yere FE64  KON YERE The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
Radio operator Mawoua FE65  MAWOUA Réunion - Mayotte 24/02/2016
Radio Voice of the Maroni River FE65  RVFM The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2015
Chiconi FM FE66  CHICONI Réunion - Mayotte 06/04/2017
Radio operator Turn of Isle FE66  R- TI The Antilles - Guyana 21/04/2015
Guyana nostalgia FE67  NOSTALGI The Antilles - Guyana 21/04/2015
Martinique nostalgia FE67  NOSTALGI The Antilles - Guyana 21/04/2015
Guadeloupe nostalgia FE67  NOSTALGI The Antilles - Guyana 21/04/2015
Radio WORD FE67  RP Réunion - Mayotte 06/04/2017
CHERIE Guadeloupe FE68  DARLING The Antilles - Guyana 14/09/2017
CHERIE Guyane FE68  DARLING The Antilles - Guyana 14/09/2017
CHERIE Martinique FE68  DARLING The Antilles - Guyana 14/09/2017
RMV FE69  RMV Réunion - Mayotte 01/08/2017
Mayotte One the Radio FE6A  MayotOne Réunion - Mayotte 01/08/2017
ANTEOU FM FE6B  ANTEOU FM Réunion - Mayotte 29/11/2017
TROPIC FM FE6C  TROPICFM Réunion - Mayotte 10/01/2018
ZOUK' NEWS FE79  ZOUKNEWZ The Antilles - Guyana 28/05/2013
C10 FM FE7A  C10 FM The Antilles - Guyana 07/11/2017
Radio operator FMC FE80  F.M.C. Paris 04/03/2008
RCI Martinique FE80  R C I The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2009
RCI Guadeloupe FE80  RCI The Antilles - Guyana 03/02/2009
Radio operator Zirondel FM FE80  RZFM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio Southern Frequency FE81  FRE-SUD Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
NRJ Guadeloupe FE81  NRJ The Antilles - Guyana 03/10/2013
NRJ Martinique FE81  NRJ The Antilles - Guyana 03/10/2013
Radio operator Vexin Val-de-Seine FE81  RVVS Paris 22/09/2009
EFM FE82  EFM Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Kréol FM FE82  KREOL FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator zouk FE82  ZOUK The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Trace FM FE83  TRACE FM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Valley FM Radio Marne-the-Valley FE83  VALLEY Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Velly Music FE83  VELLY Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Handi FM FE84  HANDI FM Paris 04/03/2008
HIT FM FE84  HIT.FM. Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
International radio Low (R.B.I.) FE84  R B I The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
FM darling FE85  DARLING Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Madras FM (M.F.M.) FE85  MR. F M The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Feeling FE86  SENSA Paris 22/09/2009
Radio operator Top FM FE86  TOP FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
DIGITAL FM FE87  DIGITAL Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Maximum FM FE87  MAXXI The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Mercury FE87  MERCURY Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Life FE88  LIFE Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Balisier FE89  BALISIER The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Only Spoke FE89  ONLY Spoke Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Sun FE89  SUN Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio Relaxed Suburbs (RBR) FE90  R B R The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Mixed radio 9 FE90  R M 9 Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio More FE90  R PLUS Paris 04/03/2008
FM pot FE91  POT Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Youth Light FE91  RJL Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Yvelines Radio FE91  YVELINES Paris 04/03/2008
Radio ESA Plere A Nou Lite FE92  APAL The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Frequency Oasis FE92  FR.OASIS Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Ginglet the Loop FE92  RGB 99.2 Paris 04/03/2008
Africa n° 1 FE93  AFRICA 1 National 04/03/2008
EXO FM Mayotte FE93  EXO FM Réunion - Mayotte 30/03/2016
Radio Inter Tropical FE93  TROPICAL The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Box Information FE94  CASEINFO Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Flash FE94  FLASH F The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
77 FM FE95  77FM Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Martinique Credit FE95  CREDIT The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Sun' Lazes FE95  SUNLAZES Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio Mille Pattes FE96  MIL' PAT' Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Pikan FE96  PIKAN Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Atlantic FM FE96  RMC 95.1 The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator FM Campus FE97  CAMPUS The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Dziani FE97  DZIANI Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Mangembo FM FE97  MANGEMBO Paris 04/03/2008
Radio operator Capuchins FE98  CAPUCHINS Paris 04/03/2008
Yao FM FE98  YAO FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
BPM FE99  B-P-M Paris 04/03/2008
Radio Music Information Mayotte (MIM) FE99  MIM.E1 Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
ZOUK FM Martinique FE99  FM ZOUK The Antilles - Guyana 28/05/2013
Radio operator Decibel FEA0  DECIBEL Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio High voltage FEA0  RHT 89.8 The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator FM Trade winds FEA1  FM TRADE WIND The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio One Series FEA1  SERIES 1 Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator FM Sapphire FEA2  SAPPHIRE The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Néo FEA2  NEO-FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Saint-Louis FEA3  RS LOUIS The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Sun Light FM FEA3  SUN FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
To live FM FEA3  TO LIVE FM Paris 06/11/2008
Radio operator Paris Campus FEA4  CAMPUS Paris 06/11/2008
Radio operator Mayotte FEA4  MAYOT-FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Evangelic radio of Martinique FEA4  R E M The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
La Voix du Nord radio FEA5  RVN-FM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator South-east FEA5  SOUTH-EAST The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Super Radio FEA6  IT SUPER The Antilles - Guyana 11/04/2018
Radio operator Crossroads FEA6  CARFOUR Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Hope FEA7  FMESPOIR The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio L.G.B. FEA7  LGB 91.9 Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
FM darling FEA8  CHERIEFM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Better Life (RVM) FEA8  RVM-93,3 The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Zantak FEA8  ZANTAK Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Kayanm FM FEA9  KAYANMFM Réunion - Mayotte 04/03/2008
Radio operator Breath of Life FEA9  R.S.V The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Survey Doubout Matinik (RLDM) FEB0  R.L.D.M The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Inter cool FEB0  LAUGH The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Hope FEB1  SPERANCE The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Imagines FEB3  IMAGINE The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Caribbean Frequency FEB4  R.F.C The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Ace FEB5  ACE The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio 22 FEB6  RADIO-22 The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Lee shore (RCV) FEB7  R.C.V. The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Arago FEB8  A*F*M The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Tropical Media Guadeloupe FEB9  TROPICAL The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Gaiac FEC0  GAYAK-FM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Atlantic Frequency (FRG) FEC1  *R.F.A* The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
FM climax FEC2  CLIMAX The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Contact FEC3  CONTACT The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Deckchair FEC4  DECKCHAIR The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio Freedom FEC5  FREEDOM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Kilti FM FEC6  KILTI FM The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
FM horizon + FEC7  FM MORE The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Tanbou FEC8  TANBOU The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Tout' Moune FEC9  TOUTMOUN The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Mouv' Matnik FECA  MOUV' M The Antilles - Guyana 22/09/2009
Nature Space Radio operator FM FECB  NATURE The Antilles - Guyana 22/09/2009
Frequencies Trade winds Europe 3 FECC  EUROPE 3 The Antilles - Guyana 22/09/2009
West FM (Guadeloupe) FECD  FM WEST The Antilles - Guyana 22/09/2009
Radio operator Guyana Leisures DEPOSIT  FM LEISURE The Antilles - Guyana 22/09/2009
Bel' Radio Guadeloupe FECF  BELRADIO The Antilles - Guyana 03/10/2013
Bel' Radio Martinique FECF  BELRADIO The Antilles - Guyana 03/10/2013
Radio operator Ouassailles FED0  R.O.M. The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Radio operator Sofaïa Atitude FED1  RSA The Antilles - Guyana 04/03/2008
Fun Radio Guyana FED2  FUN The Antilles - Guyana 06/07/2010
Radio operator Country of Aurillac FF35  RPA107,4 Clermont-Ferrand 06/11/2008
Radio Altitude FF36  ALTITUDE Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Bort Artense FF37  RBA FM Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Large Brive (RGB) FF38  RGB 94.3 Clermont-Ferrand 26/03/2012
Bréniges FM FF39  BRENIGES Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM emergence FF3A  EMERGENC Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Country of Guéret FF3B  R.P.G. Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Bram' FM FF3C  BRAM FM Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM chlorophyl FF3D  CHLORO Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Disorder Celebrates FF40  Rtf 95.4 Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Beaub' FM FF41  BEAUB' FM Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Campus FF42  R CAMPUS Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM swing FF43  FM SWING Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Logos FF44  FM LOGOS Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM fusion FF45  FUSION Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio of the Best Days FF46  RMJ Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Vassivière FF47  R VASSIV Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Arverne FF48  ARVERNE Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM kaolin FF49  KAOLIN Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM variance FF4A  VARIANCE Clermont-Ferrand 15/12/2009
R.C.F. Corrèze FF51  RCF 19 Clermont-Ferrand 31/03/2014
RMB FF52  RMB Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
VAN FF53  VAN Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM 43 FF54  FM43 Clermont-Ferrand 26/03/2012
Cosmic FM FF5A  COSMICFM Clermont-Ferrand 22/09/2009
Jordanne FM FF63  JORDANNE Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Open radio FM FF70  OPEN FM Clermont-Ferrand 16/09/2013
Radio operator Scrap-metal FF80  SCRAP-METAL Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio CAP FF81  PAC101.9 Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Craponne FF82  CRAPONNE Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Magic FM FF84  MAGIC FM Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
FM FLASH FF85  FM FLASH Clermont-Ferrand 00/00/0000
Radio operator Tartasse FF86  TARTASSE Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio Which Q' in Dissatisfaction FF87  RQQG101 Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
RJFM FF88  RJFM Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Poppy FF89  COCLICOT Clermont-Ferrand 04/03/2008
Radio operator Viscount FF8A  VISCOUNT Clermont-Ferrand 10/05/2010

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